Kuwait’s latest decisions for expatriates


In light of the difficult circumstances that the world is going through, especially the Arab countries, the State of Kuwait has become compelled to take strict measures with Kuwaiti expatriates to reduce the economic and social damage resulting from the closure and slowdown in economic activity.

Among these measures taken by the State of Kuwait is the layoff of many expatriates during this period, which raises many questions about the economic and social effects of this measure.

Kuwait’s latest decisions for expatriates

Where social networking sites, especially Egyptian platforms, broadcasted following the news issued about the Kuwaiti government announcing a plan to Kuwaitize government jobs and dispense with expatriate workers in Kuwait, and this plan was implemented, as it was announced that it targets 771,000 Egyptians to return to their country because they are the most prevalent group in Kuwait. .

The reason for Kuwaitization of jobs in Kuwait is due to the excessive increase in expatriate workers, and the presence of a large number of indigenous citizens who want to work in Kuwaiti government jobs. This means that a large number of non-indigenous people control government jobs, which led to high unemployment rates among Kuwaiti workers. the originals.

Therefore, the Kuwaiti government took a decision to dispense with expatriate workers and hire natives instead.

The economic implications of dispensing with all expatriates

  • local economy.
  • Companies and institutions.
  • Vital sectors such as health and education.
  • labor market and unemployment.

Reasons for taking action to dispense with expatriates inside the State of Kuwait

  • The need to provide job opportunities for citizens.
  • The need to control illegal immigration.
  • Challenges facing dispensing all arrivals.
  • Providing an alternative for expatriates in vital operations such as health care and construction.
  • Sustainability guarantee.

Kuwait’s latest decisions for expatriates

New Kuwait proposals for expatriates were discussed by the Special Committee on Internal Affairs within the House of Representatives. The committee agreed to amend the Aliens Residence Law and apply the draft law to expatriates and foreign investors, and the draft will be submitted to the Council for a vote.

The following are the most important decisions issued:

  1. Determining the maximum period of residence for expatriates to be five years.
  2. The maximum length of stay for foreign expatriates is 15 years.
  3. The maximum period of residence for the children of a Kuwaiti woman married to a non-Kuwaiti man and the owners of real estate is 10 years.
  4. The duration of the family visit visa has been increased from 3 months to 1 year.
  5. The daily fine for staying in Kuwait after the expiry of the residency has been increased from KD 2 to KD 4.
  6. The sponsors must bear the costs of deporting the expatriate workers.
  7. The Minister of Interior has special authority to deport expatriates in the interest of the Kuwaiti people, the preservation of national security, and some ethical reasons.

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