Kuwait announces violations that lead to direct deportation and an immediate fine. You know now


The Kuwaiti government adopts a firm policy towards violations committed by expatriates residing in the country, and this policy aims to tighten penalties and restrictions on violators, and 7 violations have been detected that lead expatriate perpetrators to direct deportation from Kuwait.

Organizing the transportation service by fare “on demand”

The Ministry of the Interior issued a decision to reorganize the “on-demand” taxi transportation service, which includes revoking drivers’ licenses in the event they commit serious legal violations, which leads to their deportation from the country.

Driving a car without a license

Any expatriate who works and drives a car without having a driver’s license is subject to legal penalties, and is immediately deported by the General Traffic Department.

committing environmental crimes

An expatriate residing in Kuwait is punished for committing environmental crimes, such as fishing in Kuwait Bay without obtaining the necessary licenses and dumping solid or construction rubbish in unauthorized places.

Violations of labor and residence laws

The expatriate is punished for violations of labor and residence laws, including non-compliance with working hours at the workplace and working in places other than those designated for him, which leads to the termination of work contracts and deportation from the country.

Non-renewal of the residency of the expatriate

The expatriate is subject to administrative deportation if he does not renew his residency and is caught during the inspection rounds, which are carried out by the concerned authorities.

Bypassing the articles of the residence law

An expatriate shall be punished for violating the articles of the Residence Law related to apprehending expatriates who perform acts contrary to public morals.

Apply penalties and statistics

Government agencies in Kuwait are working in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior to implement penalties for violators, and 627 residents have been caught violating residency, labor and environmental laws in just one month. The number of smitten expatriates reached 2,656 residents in 6 months, and the percentage of domestic workers is 30% of them.

In the end, the Kuwaiti government aims to implement strict laws towards violations committed by expatriates, and to strengthen supervision and toughen penalties for perpetrators. Through direct deportation, the government seeks to maintain public order and security in the country.

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