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Kuwait is implementing procedures to terminate the services of a large number of expatriate workers in a government agency. This step aims to employ national cadres and enhance job opportunities for Kuwaiti citizens, and these expatriate workers will be replaced by Kuwaiti cadres as soon as possible.

Ending the services of migrant workers

The services of all expatriate legal advisors and consultants in the General Secretariat of the Government Department were terminated. The names whose services were terminated included the chief specialist, legal specialists, and a legal researcher. Their contracts were terminated as of May 22, 2023, and this period is considered a warning period.

Recruitment plan for Kuwaiti cadres

A time plan has been developed to employ Kuwaiti cadres in the Kuwait Municipality. The plan consists of three phases aimed at terminating the contracts of expatriate municipal employees. The first phase will be implemented in the period from September 1, 2022 to July 1, 2023.

The first stage will include the replacement of expatriates by at least 33%, and the warning period will start on September 1, 2022.

In the second phase, expatriates will be replaced by at least 33% and will start from February 1, 2023.

As for the third stage, it will take place on July 1, 2023 and includes the remaining number of expatriate employees.

The impact of the decision on the labor market

This decision will have important implications for the labor market in Kuwait. More job opportunities will be available for Kuwaiti citizens, which will contribute to enhancing Kuwaiti employment. This step will improve the country’s economic situation and reduce the unemployment rate among Kuwaiti youth.

Exceptions to procedures

The plan includes exceptions for some categories of procedures. The expatriate employee of a Kuwaiti mother will not be affected, nor the employees from the Cooperation Council countries, as well as the employees who are permanently residing in Kuwait and registered with the Central Apparatus for Handling the Status of Illegal Residents.

In addition, service staff and 50% of the funeral department staff working in cemeteries will not be affected by these measures.

Next steps and future directions

Kuwait is looking forward to employing more national cadres and enhancing job opportunities for citizens. The government will continue to implement Emiratisation plans and replace expatriates in other government and private sectors.

This requires training national cadres and qualifying them to fill vacant positions. This approach aims to promote sustainable development and achieve self-sufficiency in work.


As part of the nationalization strategy, Kuwait terminated the services of a segment of expatriate workers in a government agency. This measure aims to provide more job opportunities for Kuwaiti citizens and enhance Kuwaiti employment.

This step is expected to contribute to improving the Kuwaiti economy and reducing unemployment rates among Kuwaiti youth. Work will continue to implement national employment plans and strengthen national capabilities in the future to promote the country’s sustainable development.

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