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Article 18 Transfer of Residency If an expatriate to the State of Kuwait wants to transfer his residency, he can do so through the Ministry of Interior website, where the Ministry has provided a set of services for citizens and expatriates that can be obtained electronically. Below we offer you the residency transfer service.

What is Article 18 residency in Kuwait?

Article 18 residence is a permanent residence granted to expatriates who meet specific conditions and enjoy special benefits in Kuwait. This residence is an opportunity for expatriates to stay and work in Kuwait for a long time and benefit from certain rights.

Benefits of obtaining permanent residence in Kuwait

Obtaining permanent residence for expatriates in Kuwait provides them with many benefits, including:

  • Complete freedom to work: Permanent residency holders can work in any field they choose inside Kuwait without restrictions.
  • Social and health rights: Permanent residency holders are entitled to benefit from the health and social services available to Kuwaiti citizens.
  • Real estate investment: Holders of permanent residence in Kuwait have the right to invest in real estate inside the country and buy real estate freely.
  • Obtaining bank loans: Permanent residency holders enjoy the right to obtain bank loans from banks and financial institutions in Kuwait.
  • Education rights: Children of permanent residency holders can benefit from education in Kuwaiti schools under the same conditions applied to citizens.

Steps to transfer Article 18 residence in Kuwait

To transfer Article 18 residency in Kuwait, the following steps must be followed:

  1. The expatriate must visit the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website and access the electronic services page.
  2. When accessing the electronic services page, the expatriate must click on the Appointments button instead of paying the fines if he has outstanding fines.
  3. If the expatriate had a previous account on the Ministry of Interior website, he must log in using the account data, and if he does not have an account, he must create a new account.
  4. After logging in, the expatriate must search for residence affairs services on the right side of the page.
  5. Among the list of available services, the expatriate must choose the residence transfer service.
  6. After selecting the residence transfer service, the expatriate must apply to one of the available branches of the Residence Affairs Office.
  7. When applying to the branch, the expatriate must follow the instructions provided to book an appointment to visit the Residence Affairs Office.
  8. On the specified date, the expatriate must visit the Residence Affairs Office to complete the residence transfer procedures.
  9. The expatriate must fulfill all the conditions required for residency transfer, complete the required procedures and submit the necessary documents.

Important directions for expatriates wishing to transfer their residency

Here are some important directives for expatriates wishing to transfer their residency under Article 18 in Kuwait:

  • Before starting the residency transfer process, the expatriate must ensure that he meets all the conditions required to obtain permanent residency and ensure that he meets all the specified requirements.
  • The expatriate must collect all the documents necessary for the transfer of residency, and ensure that they are complete and correct. Document requirements can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Interior.
  • The expatriate must adhere to the dates specified for booking appointments, visit the residence affairs office, and follow all official instructions provided by the competent authorities.
  • In the event of any difficulties or inquiries, the expatriate can seek assistance from the competent authorities such as the Residence Affairs Office or the Ministry of Interior.
  • The expatriate must abide by all laws and regulations in Kuwait after obtaining permanent residence, respect local laws and deal with integrity and respect with the local community.
  • After obtaining permanent residency, the expatriate must benefit from the benefits available to permanent residency holders in Kuwait, such as the right to work, social and health rights, and education rights.

It is important for the expatriate to have a comprehensive knowledge of the conditions and procedures for residency transfer and to abide by all applicable laws and regulations in Kuwait. It is advised to contact the competent authorities in case of any inquiries or the need for additional assistance.

Article 18 of the Permanent Residence Law in Kuwait

In Kuwait, permanent residence according to Article 18 of the Residence Law is a law directed at investors and owners of current or future projects. Some officials have announced that Kuwait intends to issue different forms of residency in order to serve the national economy.

Joining a family Article 18

The Public Authority for Manpower in Kuwait announced 4 new categories that can transfer from the family-affiliation residence system according to Article 22 to the Article 18 residence system. These categories include:

  • Second-degree relatives of those born in Kuwait: Relatives of those born in Kuwait of the second degree are allowed to transfer to the residency system, Article 18.
  • Owners of some professions specialized in the medical field: Owners of some professions specialized in the medical field and who have obtained approval to practice the profession from the Ministry of Health are allowed to transfer to the residence system, Article 18.
  • Those with educational professions and qualifications and teaching staff: Those with educational professions and qualifications and teaching staff are allowed to transfer to the residence system, Article 18.
  • Individuals affiliated with a first-degree family of the deceased’s families: Individuals affiliated with a first-degree family of the deceased’s families are allowed to transfer to the Article 18 residency system, provided that some of the individuals enrolled in it are studying in Kuwaiti educational institutions.

Conditions for transferring residence, Article 18

To convert the residency regime from Article 18 to Article 17, there are many conditions to be met. Here we will review the conditions for converting to Article 17:

  1. Submit the form related to the transfer of sponsorship for the transfer from Article 18 to Article 17.
  2. Obtaining the signature of the previous sponsor on the sponsorship transfer form, in addition to obtaining a signature from the government agency approving the transfer request.
  3. Submit a letter indicating the period required by the government agency.
  4. Submit two personal photos, size 6×4, with a blue background in the two photos.
  5. Submit a copy of the previous sponsor’s signature with a copy thereof.
  6. Provide the sponsored person’s passport and health insurance certificate, in addition to submitting the original civil ID.
  7. Provide the identity of the representative of the government agency issued by his employer, provided that it is valid.
  8. Submit a work permit cancellation and transfer form issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs through the website.

Residency materials in Kuwait

There are various materials related to residency in Kuwait, and here we review the most important of these materials:

  • Article 17 is a government residency that can be issued, renewed or canceled for the first time. The conditions for obtaining this residency vary according to the type of individual and the purpose of residency.
  • Article 18 is concerned with work-related residence for the first time, and it can be issued, renewed or cancelled. Specific conditions apply to obtaining this residence according to the requirements of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior.
  • Article 19 is considered a residence permit for practicing commercial, industrial or craft activities, as well as some limited professions. Obtaining this residence requires compliance with certain conditions and obtaining the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities.
  • Article 20 is concerned with residency related to domestic workers and the like, and it is possible to apply for this residency for the first time, or to renew or cancel it according to the specified conditions.
  • Article 22 is considered a residency related to joining a family, and it can be obtained for the first time and then renewed or cancelled. There are special conditions for obtaining this residency, and they differ according to the family relationship and the required qualifications.
  • Article 23 is concerned with a private residence that is registered, renewed, or canceled through the official website of the Ministry of Interior. This residence must be subscribed to by a laboratory that provides evidence of the existence of a source of tunnels.
  • Article 24 is considered a private residence related to electronic commerce, and the application for it is submitted, renewed, or canceled through the official website of the Ministry of Interior. This residence requires the approval of the General Investment Authority to renew the residence.

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