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Run-over accidents are considered one of the most tragic accidents that occur on the roads, and in Kuwait, we witnessed a shocking run-over accident that injured 15 people who were cycling on the Arabian Gulf Street.

However, the surprising thing is that the perpetrator of this accident presented himself to the security authorities.

15 people were run over in the Arabian Gulf Street

On an ordinary day on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street in Kuwait, a terrible crash occurred, killing 15 people practicing bicycle sports, and a vehicle driver suddenly hit the group, which led to serious injuries among the bicycle riders, and the injured were urgently transferred to the hospital for treatment necessary.

The reasons for the occurrence of the accident

There are several reasons behind this tragic incident, the most important of which are:

The group of cyclists walked in the opposite direction of the road. All users participating in the road must respect the traffic rules and follow the given directions. Violating the traffic rules in this way may lead to serious accidents and injuries.

The road where the accident occurred was not intended for bicycle use. Safe lanes for bicycles must be provided to avoid similar accidents in the future.

It is important for all drivers and cyclists to have sufficient traffic awareness to deal with various traffic situations. Lack of traffic awareness and lack of knowledge of safe rules and behaviors can be a major cause of run-over accidents.

repercussions of the incident

Run-over accidents have serious repercussions on society and those affected, and these repercussions include:

People who have been run over have sustained serious injuries, some of which may be fatal. The victims and their families suffer from the physical and psychological effects of these injuries and losses.

The survivors of run-over accidents suffer from psychological trauma and feel fear and anxiety about their future safety. These accidents leave deep psychological and emotional effects on the victims and their families, in addition to their negative impact on society in general.

Run-over accidents increase traffic awareness and road safety. Society and the competent authorities should focus on enhancing awareness of traffic rules and responsible behavior on the roads to avoid similar accidents in the future.

Investigation and legal action

After the accident occurred, the person responsible for the run-over turned himself in to the security authorities. A thorough investigation is carried out to determine the circumstances of the incident and determine responsibilities. Appropriate legal action may be taken against the perpetrator based on the results of the investigation.

The role of the public and the media in spreading traffic awareness

The public and the media play a vital role in spreading traffic awareness and enhancing road safety. By educating drivers and cyclists about traffic rules and the importance of responsible road behavior, run-over accidents can be reduced and traffic safety can be improved.

Proposed solutions to avoid run-over accidents in the future

To avoid run-over accidents in the future, several measures can be taken, including:

  • Road infrastructure should be improved and designated and safe lanes for cyclists should be provided. Safe and designated lanes for bicycles should be provided to reduce interference with the movement of other vehicles.
  • Traffic laws related to traffic safety must be strictly enforced, deterrent penalties must be imposed on violators, and traffic rules must be respected by all road users.
  • Efforts should be intensified in promoting traffic awareness among youth in schools and universities. Educational programs focusing on traffic rules and road safety behaviors could be included in the curricula.

Global traffic safety models

International lessons and models in traffic safety can be taken as a reference to enhance traffic safety in Kuwait. By studying successful experiences in other countries and applying innovative ideas and modern technologies, traffic safety can be improved in Kuwait.

In conclusion, run-over accidents are a serious and tragic matter that must be dealt with seriously. Reducing run-over accidents requires the cooperation of all members of society, including drivers, cyclists, officials and the public at large. Traffic safety must be a top priority and appropriate infrastructure and traffic awareness to achieve a safe environment on the roads.

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