In mysterious circumstances.. the disappearance of dozens of children.. and accusations against the Houthi militia


The Yemeni region of Dhamar lost dozens of children in mysterious circumstances, which raised the concern of the population and increased tension in the region.

According to reliable sources, the ages of the missing children range between 7 and 14 years, and the families accuse the Houthi group of being behind these kidnappings. The Houthis are believed to be exploiting children for military purposes and continuing to recruit them for their armed group.

The impact of missing children on society

The disappearance of children in mysterious circumstances raises great concern among the people of Dhamar and the surrounding areas. The child considers his loss a heartbreaking matter for his family and society, as they are exposed to a state of extreme anxiety and disturbance. In addition, the disappearance of children negatively affects the education and psychological development of the remaining children in the area, as they feel insecure and constantly anxious.

Families affected by the disappearance of children are the victims of this heinous crime, suffering deep mental and emotional pain. Families suffer psychological worries and pressures, and their lives become full of anticipation and doubts. It is important that the state and the concerned authorities provide support and assistance to these affected families to help them deal with this difficult crisis.

Investigations and efforts to uncover the fate of the children

The local authorities and security services are launching serious investigations to uncover the fate of the missing children in Dhamar. Efforts are being intensified to identify those involved in these crimes and bring them to justice. Security services are tracking evidence and gathering information to uncover and dismantle child abduction networks.

It is important for the entire community to collaborate in these efforts, as individuals can play a vital role in providing important information. Parents should report any disappearances they see or have information about. Effective community participation increases the chances of detecting perpetrators and rescuing missing children.

Moreover, the region needs to tighten laws and strengthen penalties for child kidnappers. Those involved must feel that they will not escape justice, and that these crimes will not be tolerated. There must be a strong message that child abduction is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Advocating for the protection of children and their rights

It is necessary to pass legislation that protects children and guarantees their rights in society. There must be effective legal mechanisms and mechanisms to reduce the abduction and exploitation of children. The state and the concerned authorities shall provide adequate protection and care for children, and ensure a safe environment for their health and emotional development.

Awareness and education come at the forefront of the efforts required to protect children. There should be a focus on educating families about the importance of protecting children and raising awareness of the risks they face. We must promote a culture that focuses on children’s rights and develop awareness that children should live in a safe and healthy environment.

At the international level, states must work together to combat the disappearance and exploitation of children. This requires strengthening international cooperation in exchanging information and expertise and adopting joint measures to combat this transnational crime.

In these uncertain circumstances, there must be a strong focus on protecting children and ensuring their safety. Society as a whole and stakeholders must unite in ending the disappearance and exploitation of children. We need joint and sustained efforts to tackle this crime and protect our children, as they are our future and our hope.

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