Two Ethiopians were killed protesting the destruction of mosques – Al-Nasr Newspaper


A media network close to the government in Ethiopia reported that two people were killed during a demonstration in Addis Ababa against the destruction of mosques as part of a huge project around the Ethiopian capital.

Clashes broke out in the vicinity of Anwar Mosque, north of the capital, between Muslim demonstrators and security forces, in which 4 demonstrators and 52 policemen were wounded.

The reason for this demonstration is due to a huge project called “City of Shigar”, which includes merging six cities surrounding the capital into a wide western arc, where the authorities destroyed a number of buildings and mosques that are considered illegally built, which angered Muslims who see these operations as ethnic discrimination. And religiously.

Muslims in Ethiopia constitute a majority in about a third of the country, while the Orthodox constitute the Christian majority.

The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Addis Ababa demanded the start of prosecutions against the security forces, which it considered an “unconstitutional and inhumane response” against Muslims who peacefully defend their rights.

Opponents of the “City of Shigar” project condemn these operations, which they see as discriminatory and based on ethnic and religious criteria.

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