For unknown reasons, the Houthi militia transfers prisoners from Hajjah to Sana’a – Al-Nasr Newspaper


This practice by the Houthi militia is a violation of human rights and international humanitarian law, as prisoners are transferred without a fair trial and without providing them with full protection. Prisoners are usually subjected to various violations, including torture, abuse, medical and nutritional neglect, and their family members are prevented from visiting and contacting them.

Human rights organizations and the international community call on the Houthi militia to stop these repressive practices against prisoners and detainees, comply with international humanitarian law and guarantee the human rights of all, including prisoners and detainees. The Yemeni government and the international community must also work seriously to find a political solution to the conflict in Yemen, restore stability to the country, and provide full protection to civilians and those in need across Yemen.

The international community must provide the necessary support to Yemen to achieve these goals, support efforts to find a political solution to the conflict in Yemen, and improve the living conditions of the Yemeni people, who suffer from difficult humanitarian conditions as a result of the war and conflicts that have been going on for several years.

Although some humanitarian progress has been achieved in Yemen during the recent period, the humanitarian situation in the country is still witnessing a continuous deterioration, as the Yemeni people suffer from an acute shortage of basic services such as water, electricity, health and education, and they are exposed to the constant threat of famine, disease and displacement. War, armed conflicts and security instability are among the main causes of this humanitarian deterioration.

Thus, the international community must work seriously to find a political solution to the conflict in Yemen, support efforts to improve the living conditions of the Yemeni people and provide full protection for civilians. All parties concerned in the conflict in Yemen must work to find a peaceful solution to the conflict, refrain from using violence and external interference to achieve political and economic gains, and focus on the interest of the Yemeni people and the future of the country. Human rights and international humanitarian law must be at the core of any future political solution, and full protection must be provided to civilians and people in need across Yemen.

Finally, all parties concerned in the conflict in Yemen must work seriously and cooperate to end the war and the ongoing conflicts, work to rebuild the country and achieve political, economic and social stability, provide appropriate conditions for the return of the displaced and refugees to their country, and achieve peace and stability in the entire region. International and regional cooperation must be continuous to support efforts to resolve the conflict and restore stability to Yemen and the region.

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