Video.. The truth behind the Barada River in Damascus changing the color of blood and panic among the people


Activists on social media shared pictures showing the color of the Barada River in Damascus changing to red, which surprised the people and made them wonder about the reason for this strange phenomenon.

The reason and the official explanation for the change in the color of the waters of the Barada River:

According to a source in the Damascus governorate, who told Al-Watan newspaper, that the color of the Barada River’s water changed to red is the result of the heavy rains that Damascus witnessed, which caused the dissolution of dust and mud deposits in the river. This phenomenon increased after the decline in the amount of water emitted from the river.

Problem details and actions taken:

The residents of the capital woke up to the change in the color of the waters of the Barada River, as the water appeared turbid and not clear, and the Director of Maintenance in Damascus Governorate, Nidal Al-Hafiz, stated, saying: “The red color that appeared in the Barada River was caused by the heavy rains that fell, as everything turned from Soil and mud to the flow of the river.” An action plan has been drawn up to deal with the crisis, and mechanisms have been operating since yesterday, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, up to Marjah Square in the center of the Syrian capital.

Expectations and the return of the river to its normal state:

The director of maintenance in the governorate confirmed that the river will return to its natural color and condition within a few days, once the mud deposits and mud have dried, these materials will be transported later so that the river will return to its natural color and usual transparency.

Environmental expert explanation:

The agricultural and environmental expert, Akram Afif, commented on the case of changing the color of the Barada River, saying that this is a natural condition that occurs to springs and rivers after heavy rains, and stressed that it is a temporary condition and things will return to normal within a few days.

Similar experience in Venice:

In a similar context, the Italian authorities revealed the reason why part of the water of the Grand Canal in Venice turned fluorescent green, and it was found that the reason for this was the presence of the non-toxic fluorescein usually used in the examination of sewage networks, and the official results confirmed the absence of toxic elements in the samples that were taken. It was analyzed, without identifying the source of the presence of fluorescein in the large duct.

In conclusion, the color of the water of the Barada River in Damascus changed to a red color, which raised questions and astonishment among the people. It was clarified that this phenomenon was caused by heavy rains and mud deposits. This condition is considered normal, and the water will return to its normal color and condition within days.

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