The Houthi militia threatens to return to war…and the army declares its readiness for battle


Tensions are escalating in Yemen, with the terrorist Houthi militia threatening to return to war if its conditions are not met. The Houthi leader, Muhammad Al-Atifi, expresses his group’s readiness to face a new round of fighting if its demands and conditions are not met. These statements come in the context of the ongoing conflict in Yemen, and reflect the challenges facing efforts to achieve peace in the region.

The Houthi case

The terrorist Houthi militia is one of the main parties to the Yemeni conflict. The militia was established in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and has a long history of extremist activities and violence. The Houthis consider themselves part of the Zaidi sect in Yemen, and they pursue political and religious goals that include control of Yemen and the establishment of a Zaidi regime.

Houthi threats

The Houthi leader, Muhammad al-Atifi, vowed to expel the Saudi-led coalition forces from the country and take control of all lands. Al-Atifi claims that the military displays and maneuvers carried out by the militia aim to achieve its goals and are not for media consumption. These threats must be taken seriously, as they threaten Yemen’s stability and endanger peace efforts.

Army and coalition readiness

For his part, leaders of the Yemeni army confirmed that the military units are ready to confront any military moves by the Houthi militia. The Chief of Staff of the Sixth Military Region, Brigadier General Mohammed bin Rasia, indicates the army’s preparations and high readiness to face challenges. It must make the necessary efforts to support the Yemeni army and the coalition forces in confronting the threats of the Houthis and to enhance security and stability in the region.

Responding to challenges

The threats of the terrorist Houthi militia pose a major challenge to efforts to achieve peace in Yemen. The international community and concerned Yemeni parties must cooperate to address these challenges and work to achieve stability in the region. Dialogue and a political solution should be promoted to find lasting and comprehensive solutions to the conflict in Yemen.


Yemen is witnessing a state of tension and preparations for a new round of fighting if the conditions of the terrorist Houthi militia are not met. These threats must be dealt with resolutely and with the cooperation of all concerned parties to achieve peace and stability in the region.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are there international efforts to resolve the conflict in Yemen?
    • Yes, many countries and international organizations are working to support efforts to achieve peace in Yemen.
  2. How can the threats of the terrorist Houthi militia be reduced?
    • This requires the cooperation of all concerned parties, enhancing security and stability in the region, and promoting a political solution to the conflict.
  3. What are the repercussions of the continuing conflict in Yemen?
    • The continuation of the conflict exacerbates the humanitarian crisis, threatens stability in the region, and disrupts development efforts.
  4. Are there efforts to strengthen the Yemeni army?
    • Yes, many efforts are being made to enhance the military capabilities of the Yemeni army and enable it to face security challenges.
  5. Is it possible to achieve peace in Yemen?
    • Yes, with international cooperation and constructive dialogue, it is possible to achieve peace in Yemen and end the ongoing conflict.
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