A heroic scene of a young man saving a car from burning in Saudi Arabia (video)


A video clip was posted on social media showing the intervention of a Saudi youth from Saudi Arabia to save a car from burning due to burning papers inside.

In the details, the video showed the young man walking down the street, and when he approached a car parked in front of a grocery store in one of the neighborhoods, he noticed that a group of papers inside the car had started to catch fire.

Immediately, the young man intervened and began to remove the burning papers from inside the car with his hands, trying to do everything he could to put out the fire. After his great efforts, the young man was able to save the car and completely extinguish the fire, in an act that impressed many Saudi citizens.

The tweeters circulated the video widely, praising the young man’s heroic behavior and his concern for the safety of public property, expressing their pride in the country’s youth who enjoy initiative and volunteering in community service.

In the video, the young man appears as he quickly opens the car door and begins to pull the burning papers and throw them on the ground. Then he uses his feet to douse the papers on fire, while the driver approaches the burning car to check it out.

The social media pioneers praised the young man’s behavior and his intuitive speed, which saved the car and the site from a huge fire.

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