A giant cat is looking for a new breeder… how much does it weigh? – Al-Nasr Newspaper


A pet shelter in the US state of Virginia is looking for a breeder for a giant cat that weighs 18.2 kg, nearly four times the weight of a typical domestic cat.

The Richmond shelter posted a photo of the cat on its Facebook page, which appears to be being held tightly by a woman.

The shelter wrote: “Did I wake up today and say let’s adopt the biggest cat anyone has ever seen? If so, we have this cat for you.”

The Foundation confirmed that the cat “Patches” follows a special diet and exercise program aimed at achieving a healthier weight and is looking for a new owner to help him continue his program.

How much does a giant cat weigh?

About cat weight:

• According to the vet, the average domestic cat weighs about 4.5 kg.

• This number may vary depending on the breed of cat.

• Decades ago, an Australian cat entered the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest cat in the world, with a weight of about 21.3 kg, and it died in 1986 at the age of 10 years.

• Since then, Guinness World Records has not set any similar records to deter pet owners from overfeeding their animals.

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