A school principal expels students and throws their bags on the street! .. Video


A school principal who expels students in Kuwait prevented students from entering the school and threw their bags in the street, and how this sparked widespread controversy in society and on social media.

Kuwait was in a state of controversy after a video clip spread on social networking sites of a school principal who prevents late students from entering the school, and the principal appears holding the students’ bags and throwing them to the ground.

A video of a school principal refusing students entry and throwing their bags in the street

The video sparked controversy among the pioneers of social networking sites in Kuwait, where activists circulated the clip widely and mixed comments between supporters and opponents of this behavior.

Many demanded that the incident be investigated and that the director be punished for what they deem unacceptable behavior, especially throwing bags on the ground and causing chaos in the place.

It is important to stress that being late to school is an offense and should be avoided, but this matter is supposed to be dealt with properly and appropriately without harming or offending the students in any case.

A video clip that was widely circulated in the State of Kuwait, in which an angry school principal appears, preventing students from entering and throwing their bags into the street, sparks a great controversy between students and the local community. Opinions differed about this violent act, which was not without both criticism and support.

What is behind the school principal’s decision in Kuwait: Is it just a spontaneous act or an infringement of students’ rights?

The video clip, which was widely circulated, shows a school principal in Kuwait, who prevents students from entering the school, throws their bags on the street, and insults them with obscene words. Media reports indicated that this act came in response to the students being late for the scheduled entry date, which angered the principal and prompted him to take this violent action.

Divergent opinions about a school principal expelling students in Kuwait

Opinions varied about the action taken by the principal. On the one hand, some described it as a kind of discipline and deterrence for students so that they do not repeat these behaviors in the future, while others considered that this act is inappropriate for the principal’s position as a person responsible for the care and education of students.

The position of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education

A statement was issued by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education about a video clip circulating on social media alleging the fall of the roof of a school in the country. The Ministry denied the validity of this incident, stressing that it did not occur in any school building belonging to the State of Kuwait, whether governmental or private.

The Ministry added that this incident took place three years ago outside Kuwait, and expressed its condemnation of the publication and circulation of this video as if it was an incident that took place in a school affiliated with the Ministry, calling for accuracy in publishing the news and ensuring its credibility before promoting it on social media.

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