Qatar .. Details of the initiative to enable expatriates to return to their countries of work

Saudi Arabia without eggs: a video of stampede, crowding and chaos in the markets in Saudi Arabia because of the eggs

Video of eggs markets in Riyadh is witnessing a very severe crowd

The Emirates provide financial assistance to all citizens and expats.

Oman providing financial assistance to all citizens and expats.

Kuwait providing financial assistance to expatriates in Kuwait after the Corona crisis

Urgent Qatar canceled work contracts 40% of workers at Hamad International Airport

The ruler of Kuwait decided to leave the violating labor without any costs

Mohammed bin Rashid new decisions to support financial markets to improve the conditions of citizens

The World Health Organization announces the discovery of a new case of corona virus in the UAE

Oman imposes new penalties on establishments by more than 3 thousand riyals today

Renewal of expatriates residency fees in New Saudi Arabia and validity of their stay through Absher

Five government agencies dispense with expatriates in Kuwait

Urgent: Lower fees for expatriates in the UAE and new decisions from the government

New royal orders in Saudi Arabia from King Salman bin Abdulaziz

Hosni Mubarak died after a struggle with illness and a state of great sadness in Egypt

The Kuwaiti government intends to deport some of the arrivals in Kuwait

Saudi Arabia falsifies good news and announces the end of the Gulf crisis under the auspices of King Salman .. And celebrations are circulating the country .. Watch

King Salman issues 5 royal orders and urgent decisions, and holds an emergency meeting in Al Yamamah Palace after important developments