The UAE recorded a remarkable increase in the number of cases of cure of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), exceeding the 6000 cases with a cure rate of 30.6% of the total cases.

While the month of May witnessed a daily increase in recovery cases, the highest number of recovery cases was recorded among the injured during May 11 and 12, by 577 cases and 633 cases, respectively.

The periodic media briefings of the UAE government identified six main factors, which contributed to the high number of recovery cases in the country, namely the efficiency of the medical system, the increase in the number of pre-emptive exams, the use of artificial intelligence in trapping the "virus", providing the latest treatments, and increasing the number of beds by opening field hospitals, In addition to following simple infections, a health program to strengthen immunity to eliminate the virus.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection attributed the high number of recovery cases among the injured in the state to several factors that included, following most simple cases that had appeared in the state, a number of daily health behaviors, including carrying out sports activities, following a healthy diet, strengthening the immune system, and maintaining the ideal weight And, to refrain from smoking, in addition to the patient's psychological state, as the psychological aspect and health practices help to enhance immunity and fight diseases, and contribute to speeding up the recovery from the disease.

The Ministry indicated that the factors of the high recovery cases in the country also include the expansion of the scope of pre-emptive examinations with a view to early detection of the injured, and the inventory of cases infected with the emerging corona virus and those who have been in contact with them and isolating them, as the UAE has conducted more than one and a half million tests, (more than 500 thousand tests Of which she conducted during the last 18 days), indicating the opening of a large group of examination centers to detect «Corona», including 14 centers for testing the car, equipped with modern technologies, and medical and technical cadres, conducting examinations within about five minutes, and receiving more than 8,100 people Daily, next to the medical examination center in Mussafah Which is about 10 thousand a day seeks to examine a procedure for the detection of the virus between residents and workers in the region, in addition to the provision of examination services in a wide range of hospitals and health centers in the different emirates.

The Ministry stressed that the application of the latest tests and treatments in the fight against the Corona virus contributed to a speedy recovery, indicating its eagerness to follow studies and treatments available or announced around the world, and to provide any treatment for the safety of citizens and residents, and to follow specific protocols for prevention and treatment, and other protocols to care for intensive care patients, According to the latest scientific research, the UAE uses five drugs within the protocol for treating patients with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), including hydroxychloroquine, faviravir, the anti-viral RNA, and anticoagulant, in addition to “plasma,” and vinegar therapy. Oh stem.

The Ministry pointed out that hospitals are designated to isolate patients to prevent transmission. The state also opened field hospitals in various regions, providing thousands of beds to book "Covid-19" patients. Among them are four field hospitals, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with a capacity of 6,400 beds, and equipped with urgent care beds equipped with oxygen, to provide full health care.

She pointed to the launch of the largest laboratory for the diagnosis of "corona" in the world outside China, which is a modern laboratory with great treatment capabilities, to perform tens of thousands of tests using RT-PCR technology (instantaneous polymerase chain reaction) daily to meet the needs of testing and diagnosing the emergence of coronavirus in the country.

The ministry drew attention to the focus of health agencies in the country on utilizing artificial intelligence to trap the virus, by developing a number of smart applications that contribute to detecting contacts and following people in isolation and home quarantine. The most prominent of them is the "Al-Hosn" application, which is the official digital platform for the emerging corona virus tests (Covid-19) in the UAE, and it helps to track people who have mixed with or dealt with people who have been infected with the Corona virus. It also provides a service that shows the extent of commitment of the people demanding the home stone to the instructions of the stone, and not contact with other people during the quarantine period, to protect them and protect society, and achieve the benefits of home quarantine, in addition to the applications of the Abu Dhabi Department of Health «remote health care platform», and TraceCovid, application « Stay home, ”to find contacts and provide remote medical care for patients.

The Ministry stressed that the UAE has a national plan to deal with crises proactively in different scenarios, supported by the presence of an advanced health system, and medical teams at the highest level, whether in hospitals or examination and quarantine centers, in addition to the availability of human cadres, medical equipment and equipment, and the strategic stock of medicine .

Doctors in the isolation hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Jihad Saleh, Dr. Saad Al-Amiri, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Hayas, confirmed that the early examination of Corona helps to discover the infection at its beginning, which raises the results of recovery quickly, and leads to excellent recovery results.

It also reduces the chances of any complications for the patient, in contrast to the delay in diagnosis, which results in a delay in receiving treatment, increasing the chances of complications, and the transmission of infection to others.

They pointed out that the early examination reduces the number of mixing because the incubation period of the disease ranged between 5 and 11 days. During this period, the person does not have symptoms. Therefore, early screening is of great importance in preventing the spread of infection.