Abu Dhabi's police
Abu Dhabi's police

Abu Dhabi Police recently revealed through a tweet through its official account on the Twitter short-tweet platform, a new decision regarding vehicle owners and driver's licenses in the UAE.

In a related context, Abu Dhabi Police wrote on the Twitter platform about the decision issued regarding the activation of the system to reduce speeds to 80 km on the (Abu Dhabi - Dubai) road, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid.

In this regard, this came in implementation of the decision of the Traffic Safety Committee in volatile weather conditions, and leaving an adequate safety distance between all cars in the Emirates.

And at the present time, some interior and coastal areas in the UAE are witnessing the formation of fog, which resulted in reduced visibility in many areas within the Emirates.

On the other hand, Abu Dhabi Police has warned all drivers of the dangers of "providing vehicles" with additives that result in changing the engine specifications, the purpose of which is to increase the speed of the vehicle or cars and amplify their sounds, which may lead to fire in the vehicle and endanger the driver's safety as well as the occurrence of The offender is under penalty of law.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Police revealed that the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law punishes the perpetrator of the violation of making changes in the vehicle's engine or base (chassis) without a license of 1000 dirhams and 12 traffic points and seizing the vehicle for a period of 30 dirhams as stipulated by Law No. 5 of 2020 AD regarding # Vehicle seizure in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, that the financial value of the vehicle’s removal from seizure is 10,000 dirhams, provided that the vehicle is seized until the financial value of the vehicle’s release is paid for a maximum period of three months, after which the vehicle is referred for sale in the public auction.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Police emphasized that traffic safety is a duty and responsibility shared by everyone without exception, and therefore all segments of society must concert their efforts, and the necessity to adhere to positive behaviors and to be responsible towards themselves and others through their commitment to traffic and traffic law.

Abu Dhabi Police indicated and demonstrated that providing safety and traffic security and protecting young people from traffic accidents and the resulting deaths and serious injuries are among the priorities of the traffic safety strategy of Abu Dhabi Police to improve the behavior of young drivers by organizing programs aimed at opening channels for dialogue with them, thus contributing to the achievement of traffic safety Sustainable to preserve human life, which is our most important wealth and development goal.

On the other hand, the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police decorated 90 of its patrols in the cities of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra with all the flags of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia and the slogan "Together Never" to celebrate the "90th National Day" of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On the one hand, His Excellency Major General Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, valued the depth of the very great historical relations between the two brotherly countries, which are a wonderful model in international relations through the unification of shared visions and opinions and based on solid foundations of brotherhood, positions and integrated orientations.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Police congratulated the leadership and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on this dear national occasion, wishing it continued progress and prosperity.

On the other hand, Abu Dhabi Police celebrated the same occasion with the first defense line in Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the security point in Ghantoot.

For their part, the participants in the celebration praised that dear and great occasion, appreciating the depth of the strong historical fraternal relations between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, leadership and people.

Indeed, during that wonderful celebration, which was organized by the Department of Protocol and Public Relations and the Happiness Patrol in the UAE - flowers, flags of the two brotherly countries, and symbolic gifts were distributed to doctors and policemen at the security point in Ghantoot.