Bahrain is now revealing scenarios for returning to work
Bahrain is now revealing scenarios for returning to work

Steps taken today by the Kingdom of Bahrain, and several measures and a number of new measures, to bring the citizens and expatriates in Bahrain back to the workplace again, and I have announced a return to work scenario and also the date for the opening of all mosques.

And the return of congregational prayer in all the mosques of Bahrain as a prelude to keeping in line with the Corona pandemic, without compromising the precautionary measures until the time of salvation of the Corona virus is final from Bahrain.

Sources very close to the decision-making department in Bahrain said today that government directives have been issued today to all ministries and official institutions in Bahrain to develop several scenarios to return to work, after a state of inactivity that lasted during the last period to reduce the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging in Bahrain .

And through this issue, the Bahraini newspaper Al-Watan today quoted informed sources as saying that the required Bahraini scenarios will take into account all the data in order to confront the Corona virus in the event of continuing or stopping in Bahrain and the world as well.

Hence, the Bahraini newspaper added that, there is a conviction that has begun to take shape in Bahrain and the various countries of the world, that the situation cannot continue in this form of the state of continuing to close and also disrupting the cycle of the economy in Bahrain.

Therefore, each authority was requested to prepare to return to work quickly according to the dates set by the Bahraini government, in accordance with the health data and indicators fully taken into account by Bahrain.

Today, the Bahraini newspaper also pointed out that technological solutions, as well as electronic dealing, will have a decisive role in many Bahraini bodies, as the government is keen to develop plans that may provide services to auditors with a minimum of the necessity of personal presence within institutions.

In an effort to prevent gatherings and avoid crowds in all sectors in Bahrain, and for information, the Bahraini government decided, before the blessed month of Ramadan, to continue to suspend business in government agencies until the end of the holy month of Ramadan, to return God to Bahrain, the Islamic nation, goodness, Yemen and blessings.

Bahrain has revealed a few scenarios for returning to work and the date for opening mosques, and the Bahraini Cabinet had approved, at the beginning of last April, the extension of the official holiday in all parts of Bahrain, stopping the work until the twenty-sixth of the same month, and considered it days of rest and extending the curfew until six Morning in Bahrain as a whole.

Through its statement, the State of Bahrain announced on the twenty-first of last March, the implementation of the partial curfew decision from five in the evening until four in the morning, which came as a result of some non-compliance with the instructions of the Bahraini Ministry of Health regarding not gathering to confront the Corona virus in Bahrain.

This, and at the time of writing this article, cases of infection with the Corona virus reached in Beheira, and according to the latest virus count reported by the ministry through its website, the number of infected people reached 3 thousand and 464, including 8 deaths and 1737 recovered.