Hamad bin Essa
Hamad bin Essa

The Kingdom of Bahrain revealed today, Tuesday morning, that it supported about 950 taxi drivers, common transport cars and buses in Bahrain, and also supported 829 trainers for all drivers at 300 Bahraini dinars per month (equivalent to 793 US dollars), in order to counter all effects Negativity resulting from the outbreak of the emerging epidemic of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

In a related context, according to a press release issued this morning by the Economic Development Board, this support is expected to be disbursed through the Tamkeen Labor Fund for a period of three months.

In this regard, that support comes within a package of incentives in the State of Bahrain to support business continuity affected by the repercussions of the emerging Corona virus and its spread in Bahrain.

In this context, Sheikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa, Chairman of Tamkeen’s Board of Directors, spoke: “Currently, two portfolios are allocated to support the groups affected by the current situation in which a country is living from the spread of the Corona virus, which comes in the context of the ongoing efforts of the Bahraini government to support The largest possible audience. "

It is worth noting that the Bahrain Economic Development Board is currently working on attracting investments to the State of Bahrain, supporting initiatives to enhance the investment environment in Bahrain, cooperating with the government, the private sector and investors in order to focus on the pillars of the economy in Bahrain and identify investment opportunities for their development.

Also, the council focuses on the sectors of financial services, manufacturing, information and communications technology, logistics, transportation services and tourism.

In the previous month, the Bahraini Cabinet decided to reduce the operating expenses budget for all ministries and government entities subject to and not subject to all central regulations by thirty percent unless the public interest requires otherwise, within the decisions of the Bahraini Cabinet.