Download the application of Umrah
Download the application of Umrah

With the start of the gradual resumption of Umrah, we offer to all our respectful followers the link to download the Umrah application for all Android phones and iPhones, as Eatmarna or Application umrah etamrna is considered in order to obtain a permit to perform Umrah, especially since it is the most popular program at the present time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it enjoys all stages .

For its part, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at midnight on Saturday, Sunday, Mecca time, has performed Umrah again in the first phase at the Grand Mosque after it was suspended since the previous March as part of measures to contain the Corona virus.

For its part, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has revealed four stages for Umrah, the first phase begins with an operational capacity of up to 30%, while the second phase will start on the eighteenth of October with 75% of the operational capacity, and on the first of November the Umrah and visits from inside and outside Saudi Arabia will resume Gradually, with an operational capacity of one hundred percent, the fourth stage will start as soon as the Corona crisis is declared over or the danger has passed.

In a related context, this program has been used by citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia, specifically on Monday morning, October 5, 2020, especially since the size of the application is 45.8 MB, and it is currently available to all Apple mobile users, and it will be made available on Soon for all Android phone users.

In this regard, the Corona virus basically did not leave anything, so that virus stopped the Umrah and Hajj season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for an indefinite period, and the Umrah season in Saudi Arabia was stopped for some conditional cases only,

During the past few days, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that it will gradually open Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the electronic reservation program for internal pilgrims in order to be accessible to everyone who wants to obtain it and register through it.

Therefore, in the past period, many people ask about the way to download the Umrah program for all Android phones, and from here through Al-Nasr newspaper for those who want to obtain it and get acquainted with the conditions of acceptance in downloading the application of our Android Umrah, performing Umrah, the application of our Umrah, the application of Tawakulna, visiting the Two Holy Mosques in order to perform your rituals Umrah for this season, and in order to know the prices of Umrah tickets for residents of Saudi Arabia.

Umrah system in 2020 after the decisions of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was able to launch the new Umrah 2020 application, so that the pilgrim can perform the Umrah rituals in the time available within that application.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a session announced this evening, Thursday, that it has launched the new Umrah application on all Android devices, starting today, Thursday, October 1, 2020, after it was made available on all iPhones.

This comes to take into account the epidemiological conditions that Saudi Arabia is going through, in addition to various other countries around the world, and the job of Umrah and Hajj companies during the current period is limited to marketing services and providing programs for citizens, residents and those coming from abroad, including: providing housing reservations.

Umrah application

This has been revealed by Dr. Muhammad Saleh Benten, Minister of Hajj and Umrah that the return of Umrah trips will take place again through Umrah companies, and all service providers for all those considered. To the sacred feelings, in order to perform the visit, it is necessary to download the new Umrah application for Umrah, which bears the name of the Umrah application, in order to reserve the time available for all performing Umrah rituals.

Features of the application of Aamrah app

At the present time, there are many wonderful features that enable citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enjoy the application of Umrah, which is one of the applications that have been offered to citizens in the Kingdom by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, and among the most important features of the application of Umrah:

Obtaining Hajj and Umrah permits, and visiting the Noble Prophet's Mosque and other places.
The application for Umrah, the Saudi citizen and resident, can register for Umrah electronically and very easily.
Umrah permits can be issued through the application for Umrah to all those in the Kingdom.
The Etamarna application provides an opportunity to identify the appropriate booking date for the applicant.
Prayer permit in the Grand Mosque in Mecca.
Umrah performance permit.
Slash the farewell circumambulation.
Prayer permit in the Prophet's Mosque.
Kindergarten visit permit.
Permission to visit the Quba Mosque.
Permit to visit the mosque of the martyrs of one.
Places to issue permits for dependents and sponsored persons in one application.
Choosing the available date and time to perform the Umrah, which is provided by the Department of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs, which achieves social distancing for your safety and the safety of pilgrims.
Send an invitation to a friend via the WhatsApp text message application.
And more services.

Download the Umrah application for all Android phones and iPhone devices

The link to download the Umrah application for all Android phones and highlighted the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah; Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Umrah application will be available on all Android systems, through the global Google Play Store, starting from the current day of Safar 10, in order to allow reservations for those wishing to perform the Umrah in the coming period.

Link to download the application of Umrah for Android

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia has confiscated the Umrah application for all Android phones and iPhones until that moment and has launched the Umrah application for iPhone, and the application can be downloaded through the iPhone devices through the following link from here, while it can be downloaded through all Android devices through the following link from here .

The application size is up to 45.8 MB.
The app requires: iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.
Languages supported in the application are: English Arabic
Age rating 4+.

The stages of permitting the Umrah and visitation to be performed gradually through the new Umrah 2020 program

At the present time everyone and everyone who wants to perform Umrah in the current year 2020 or next year 2021 is wondering about the controls set by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for the return of flights again through: Did we wear Android? Download the application of Umrah? We went overboard download? Program we passed? We went overboard download? We went into a period? Have we adopted an application? We passed the app store, we adopted the Android download app, we don’t adopted the Android app, we don’t have an Android app, and the app did we migrate? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has worked to provide an Umrah visa service for companies at home and abroad via the Internet, and it includes:

The return of Umrah trips gradually in phases, starting from next October 4.
Permission to perform Umrah for citizens and residents inside the Kingdom on Sunday 4 October (the first phase) next.
The return of pilgrims once again to the Grand Mosque with 60% of the operational capacity, taking into account the precautionary measures.
Return visits to the Prophet’s Mosque at a rate of 75% of the capacity that takes into account the precautionary measures followed.
The second phase of Umrah trips for citizens and residents inside Saudi Arabia will begin, as well as conducting prayers on Sunday, October 18th.
The entry of approximately fifteen thousand pilgrims per day, i.e. seventy-five percent of the capacity, taking into account the preventive measures inside the Grand Mosque, and with 100% of the operational capacity inside the Prophet's Mosque, the fourth stage allows the performance of Umrah to citizens and residents inside and outside the Kingdom by 100% of Carrying capacity.
In the current sustenance, the Department of Disinfection and Carpet of the Grand Mosque in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is washing the Grand Mosque on a daily basis up to ten times, and the Grand Mosque will be washed after the pilgrims finish performing the Umrah rituals, and about 4000 workers and workers in the Kingdom participate in the washing process.

Also, at the present time, 60,000 liters of detergents and disinfectants are used on a daily basis, which are of high quality and environmentally friendly in order to maintain the health of pilgrims, and also the Holy Mosque is disinfected with 1,200 liters of the finest types of fresheners on a daily basis. A hundred modern, high-tech washing equipment works around the clock, and 9,000 carpets will be furnished with the application of all precautionary measures to ensure the spacing between worshipers, and more than one hundred and eighty field supervisors are supervising these tasks around the clock from the people of the Kingdom Saudi Arab.