In 5 weeks what did New Zealand do
In 5 weeks what did New Zealand do

Urgent Good news from New Zealand for the second day in a row for all male and female citizens, as international local newspapers published new good news and optimism.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that the outcome of her discussions with Australia regarding the establishment of a travel corridor between the two countries will be announced later today.

Ardern participated via video link in an Australian government meeting regarding Corona today, Tuesday, as the two countries discuss reopening their borders to travel after their success in containing the disease.

The death rate from the virus in the two countries does not exceed 1 percent, and New Zealand and Australia have strengthened their stocks of medical supplies, while they are planning to reopen the economy little by little, including the resumption of travel across the Tasman Sea without mandatory quarantine.

Australia recorded about 6,800 cases of Coronavirus and 96 deaths, while New Zealand recorded 1,137 cases and 20 deaths.

After weeks of lockdown, New Zealand has achieved its ambitious goal of curbing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Over the past few days, the diagnosed injuries began to decline significantly, with New Zealand finally announcing only one case per day.

5 weeks have passed since the start of the strict lockdown measures imposed to prevent the spread of the disease, measures described by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as the most stringent restrictions imposed on New Zealanders in recent history.

Now that the country enters the lockdown easing phase, 400,000 New Zealanders are back to work and 75 percent of the country's economy will be operational.

The real secret of New Zealand's success in overcoming the crisis was the confrontational approach that it quickly applied, as the government took steps that are among the first and harsh measures of self-isolation in the world.

Then the authorities moved to impose a complete lockdown across the country.