Emir of the State of Kuwait
Emir of the State of Kuwait

The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister, Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al-Muhammad Al-Sabah, today, Tuesday morning, reviewed the follow-up plan for the deportation of all expatriate workers in Kuwait, who are residing illegally throughout the Kuwaiti territories.

The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister, Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al-Muhammad Al-Sabah, also reviewed the plan to evacuate expatriate workers to all their countries.

In a related context, this came during today’s meeting held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s general office, in the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of State for Kuwaiti Economic Affairs and head of the task force to implement the special mechanism to encourage and urge all residents in Kuwait to return to their home countries.

In this regard, that meeting was also attended by Maryam Al-Aqil, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant-General Issam Al-Naham, who reviewed all plans to deport the violating workers and evacuate the expatriate workers to their home countries.

On the other hand, during the meeting today, the Kuwaiti Minister of Foreign Affairs reviewed all the measures taken by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through communication with all the embassies of countries sending all foreign workers in Kuwait, and the coordination that exists with them to leave their nationals to their home countries.

The meeting also dealt with following up on all the measures taken towards the embassies of countries that have foreign or foreign workers in Kuwait; In order to carry out all its legal responsibilities, in order to facilitate the procedures for the departure of all its citizens, their return and their leaving Kuwaiti lands.