Lucid Air
Lucid Air

Lucid Motors produces the first Saudi electric car under the name Lucid Air, which is one of the largest companies in the field of electric cars, and one of the most prominent investments of the Public Investment Fund in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to compete strongly in the electric car market.

In a related context, Lucid Motors revealed that it will start deliveries of the new luxury electric sedan in the spring of 2021.

The first Saudi electric car from Lucid Motors

Peter Rawlinson, Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer at Lucid Motors, said: “Lucid Motors seeks to advance the manufacture of electric vehicles, which will support the acceleration of the entire sector towards the front, and accelerate dependence on permanent modes of travel and mobility. This distinctive methodology for improving the most advanced electric vehicle in the world will benefit all humanity by providing permanent transportation routes that do not emit any emissions.

The company, which is based in the town of Grande, Arizona, State, as the location of its factory, explained that "Lucid Air" is based on an innovative revolutionary methodology on top of which the name "Lucid Space Concept" is called. It takes advantage of the miniaturization of the vehicle's advanced range of engines and batteries to improve the location of its cabin.

Lucid Motors, one of the institutions in which the Public Investment Projects Container invested in the year 2018, is more than one billion dollars, and it is the first institution to benefit in a real way from the full potential of electric vehicles, as the economy in the container can play an international role in the development of future industries. Essential in modern and advanced technologies.

For his part, Imad Maghzi, a technical investigator and engineer at Lucid Motors Corporation, stated that the Saudi public investment projects container helped the corporation during the past two years to investigate its objectives, and this is from aid and investment, which helped to amend the lines of issuance, directing that despite the repercussions of the Covid virus 19 The newcomer, but the commercial facility will launch the issue at the end of the year, until the delivery of the vehicle to customers at the beginning of next year, as of America, will be completed.

He indicated that the current interest in producing a vehicle "Lucid Air" with high characteristics and putting it into issue, stated: "We will give a little attention to transferring knowledge and factories to other parts, such as Saudi Arabia, especially that the Kingdom has aspirations in that direction and we will meet its ambitions."

And he noted in a sermon to "Al-Nasr newspaper" that "Lucid" vehicles will attract an abundance of members as a result of the luxury and modern technologies, in addition to the materials used in their manufacture. "We live in an era close to the era of luxury from the seats and the options present. "Lucid Air" realizes the new meaning of luxury, which is to be comfortable and calm, in addition to its capabilities of communication, autonomy and performance. "

The technical prospector and engineer at the Lucid Motors Corporation stated that the commercial facility was planning to manufacture approximately 15 1000 vehicles in the first year with the beginning of issuance, and ascended to twenty 1000 vehicles, and stated, “In the second year we will plan to place the second vehicle for the company in the issuance lines”, directing to That the main buying and selling place for the company is the United States of America, referring to measures to attract the vehicle to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, and "We have amazing desires to buy the car from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

Lucid Air's electrified power from Lucid Motors

With a twin-engine engineered chassis and a four-wheel drive system, the vehicle has a power of 1080 horsepower, with Lucid Air having the ability to cover 1/4 readiness over a period of less than 9.9 seconds on a firm reference and met for repeat; Its power is complemented by the ability to cover a longer distance of up to 517 miles, according to the standards of the US Ocean Standing Agency, before it needs to be charged again.

Once put on sale and purchase, LucidAire will be the fastest-charging electric vehicle in the world, as it can travel a distance of twenty miles per analogue every minute of filling when connected to an urgent load network with constant current. Lucid Motors has relied on ten years of experience and realistic tests during which it cut more than twenty 1,000,000 preparations to create its extended-domain battery range of 113 kWh.

The Lucid Air Electric Car Value

"Lucid Air" vanguard will be available in the United States, which is in the North, in four models, including the "Air" role model, which will be available in 2022, at a price starting at less than 80 thousand dollars, and the "Air Touring" model supported by distinctive equipment, and will be available later in 2021 at a cost of 95 thousand dollars. The "Air Grand Touring" model is fully equipped, and will be available in mid-2021 at a cost starting at 139 thousand dollars, and the "Air Dream Edition" example, total equipment and limited production, will be available in the spring of 2021 at a value of 169 thousand dollars.

Features of the new Lucid Air

- more luxury.
Backed by Saudi Arabia.
The advanced driver assistance system called "Dream Drive".
- The use of lidar, a sensor device widely used by companies trying to develop fully driverless cars.
It contains a long-range, high-precision lidar sensor.
Achieve more fundamental breakthroughs.
Adaptive cruise control and centering capabilities in the designated lane on the street.
It contains the capabilities of positioning in the designated lane on the street.
It has an adaptive cruise control feature.
Contains Auto Pilot feature or automatic lane change.
The new electric vehicle will assist the driver in many matters and will issue warnings.
It contains 5 radars.
- Traffic alert via Lucid is more powerful.
It contains lidar technology to take over the driving better than Tesla's autopilot technology to avoid collision.
- Image detection using cameras on machine learning algorithms that can be confused in unusual situations.
It contains ADAS systems that depend on fixed objects radar.
It will also allow all drivers to keep their hands off the steering wheel in certain circumstances
Contains high-quality lidar charging from Luminar in 2022.
Contains eye tracking technology.

Public Investment Fund in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi PIPE investment in Lucid Corporation is in line with its objectives to expand and diversify its global investments, as well as with its broader view of the transformation into an international investment powerhouse and one of the most influential investors in the world. The investment of the container in the electric vehicle sector is a complementary price for the container portfolio to enter the rapidly developing electric vehicle market, and to exploit the long-range growth opportunities, in addition to supporting innovation and technical prosperity and achieving gains and investment diversification for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Lucid's economy supports the goals of Watching 2030 to build a sustainable future economy that uses new pure energy technologies, just as it participates in the modernization of global partnerships that allow storing and developing local talented people through the Lucid Training Program. Lucid Motors is committed to training 15 Saudi students annually every year. Fields of Engineering, to enable them to house international content in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the aim of modernizing local energies in that sector.