Oman grants expatriates the extension of their
Oman grants expatriates the extension of their

Oman grants expatriates the extension of their residence free of charge electronically to prevent mixing

The Governor of Oman stressed that the most severe penalties will be taken today for anyone who violates the precautionary orders of the Krone virus, as the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources said today, yesterday, March 22, that it violated a number of large commercial establishments in Amman.

On the other hand, the Ministry clarified that the violations were due to non-compliance with the decisions issued by the Supreme Committee in the directives of the country's ruler, "Haitham bin Tariq Al Said Sultan of Oman," entrusted with dealing with developments in the spread of the Corona virus, and not to adhere to the ministerial decisions issued in this regard.

The Ministry stated that the violations were as follows:

The ruler of Oman issues an important statement a few days ago, it starts supporting migrant workers, extending the renewal deadline free of charge, preventing mixing and congestion.

Today, Tamim ordered the government to extend the residence permit for expatriate workers on the official website from within the minarets for lack of greed, and the General Department of Passports and Residence has just mentioned the start of renewing the residence through the website for renewing the residence for expatriates in Amman.

Qatar granted the extension free of charge for lack of crowding and mixing between the expatriates, and the security media at the Ministry of Interior today has talked about the framework of preventive and preventive measures implemented by the state today to preserve the lives of citizens and expatriates inside "Oman".

In a related context, the assistant undersecretary for residency affairs within the state of "Oman" clarified that it is possible to benefit from the service of renewing residency electronically through the Ministry's website for domestic workers and their equivalents in accordance with the law in "Oman".

And also workers in the private sector in accordance with the same law, pointing out that the services provided through the ministry's website help in speeding up the completion of transactions and saving time and effort, and prevents direct mixing between auditors, and this is what was stipulated in the government's decisions in "Amman" today to preserve the safety of everyone

On the other hand, the government affirmed in "Oman" that the services provided by the ministry through its website are free of charge, and no fees are collected for any of the expatriates, that is, if it is a currency in "Oman", then this is for all expatriate workers.

And all this is due to the fact that the government is exerting all efforts to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, and given the exceptional circumstances in which the entire Arab countries go through, the administration calls on the citizens, residents, owners of companies and institutions to take advantage of the electronic services provided by the Ministry of Interior through its website.

On the other hand, the Emir of the State of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, today announced the provision of $ 150 million over six months in support of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to support the disposal of Corona.

Where the Qatar News Agency said today in the news published on the social networking site Twitter that this support "comes as a complement to the efforts of the State of Qatar in alleviating the suffering of the brotherly Palestinian people" and in support of the United Nations relief and humanitarian programs in the Gaza Strip to combat the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which is spreading in All Arab countries.