Saudi Aviation
Saudi Aviation

Saudi Airlines announces the fact that air activity will resume again in early June, and announces many important decisions, and announces available reservation opportunities.

A lot of rumors spread about the return of Saudi Airlines, the suspension of flights and the opening of reservations again.

The official spokesman for Saudi Airlines, "Fahd Bahdilah", commented on reports of the opening of Saudi airports again, in complete denial.

Where he denied the return of Saudi Airlines activity in light of the conditions of the Corona crisis, and stressed that the flight was not allowed to resume again in early June, as some believed.

Fahd said through his phone call to "Al" that the announcement of the possibility of internal reservations through the company's website will be as of June 1.

He continued, saying this does not mean absolutely re-activation of Saudi Airlines, flights were suspended from the beginning because of the spread of the Corona virus.

He stressed that the suspension of air flights in Saudi Arabia is still continuing until the Corona virus is almost completely confronted in order to preserve the lives of all citizens.

Finally, he added that stopping or closing booking opportunities occurs automatically, and reservations for May have been completely closed. June's reservations will be closed later.

It has been announced by Saudi Arabian Airlines that internal flight reservations will be received on June 1, 2020, corresponding to Shawwal 9 of the Hijri year.

In spite of many questions about the fate of domestic and international flights, Saudi airlines have remained completely silent and demanded that they wait for new notice.

And she announced that in the event of new changes regarding Saudi aviation, this will be broadcasted through the official Saudi channels.

On the other hand, for the delayed flights, it remained as it is, according to what Saudi Airlines stated through its official website.

And Saudi Arabia is still striving to fight the Corona virus, as it has been announced that Saudi Arabia will stop its flights and international flights starting from September 15, 2020.

Number of corona cases in Saudi Arabia and the number of recovered and deceased: -

1- 20,077 cases were recorded and confirmed to be infected with the virus.

2- 2784 cases of recovery were recorded.

3- 152 deaths were recorded.

And it was stated by a reliable source that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not issued any other official decision regarding air transport.