Saudi Shura is studying the return of flights and the reduction of airline ticket prices

The Saudi Shura Council is individually studying the return of flights, and is working on a study in order to reduce the prices of airline tickets for all students and scholars of both nationalities.

Returning flights and reducing airline ticket prices. Today, Wednesday, the Saudi Shura Council discussed the annual report of the General Organization of Saudi Arabian Airlines for the fiscal year 1441/1442 AH. The session witnessed; According to what the Council published through its official account on Twitter, many requests and observations from members were directed to the General Organization of Saudi Arabian Airlines.

The return of aviation and a study to reduce the prices of airline tickets for male and female students

Hence, a member of the Shura Council, Amira Al-Balawi, called on the General Organization of Saudi Arabian Airlines to review the prices of domestic tickets and compare their prices with other companies. She also called for a study to reduce ticket prices for male and female students.

In turn, the member of the Shura Council, Rima Al Yahya, called on the Foundation to intensify its efforts to improve the quality of life for people with special needs, and to provide services and equipment that suit them inside the cabin. She also called for increased attention to the proper arrival of travelers’ luggage, and stressed the importance of establishing mechanisms and controls that are appropriate and reduce the financial burdens on travelers.

Also, the council member, Ali Al-Sheikh, called on the institution to work on studying the reasons for the continued high rate of passenger leakage to modern local and regional airlines in its age compared to the age of the institution, indicating that this is the essence of the main challenges that must be addressed quickly and professionally; Because it is linked to targeting and attracting travelers.

Through this session, a member of the Shura Council, Nabih Al-Brahim, suggested to the General Organization of Saudi Arabian Airlines to assign Flyadeal as a national carrier for international flights and provide it with the appropriate aircraft to operate King Fahd International Airport in the Eastern Province, which is the second largest airport in the Kingdom by area.

On the other hand, a member of the Shura Council, Faisal Al-Amaj, questioned the reasons for not paying the Saudi Arabian Airlines General Organization for a nature-of-work allowance for Saudi employees working in the field of security and safety.

A member of the Council, Assaf Abu Thanin, indicated that there are still some shortcomings in some of the services provided by the General Corporation of Saudi Arabian Airlines, especially in its international offices, despite the large number of its employees.