Saudi Traffic issues a very important statement regarding traffic violations

The General Administration of Saudi Traffic revealed the possibility of doubling all traffic violations when they are late in paying them, referring to the inquiry and objection mechanisms.

In a related context, the Saudi Traffic confirmed, through its official account on the Twitter platform, that the application of the upper limit for violations in the new system can only be done through traffic separation bodies and according to reasons for strictness.

In this regard, this came in response to a question from one of the beneficiaries through the official account of the Saudi Traffic: “Are the fines doubled after two months of non-payment?”

Inquiry about traffic violations

In the context, the Saudi traffic clarified that the request for traffic violations via Absher is done by registering on the Ministry of Interior website, then selecting the “Traffic Violations Request” field, after which the Absher selection screen will appear. .

And Saudi traffic has been added: Click on the “Driving License Violations Request” box, and another screen will appear containing some details that must be entered, namely, date of birth, national identity, visual number, and violations.

Complete and comprehensive inquiry about traffic violations

The Absher platform has clarified a comprehensive method for investigating traffic violations that allows people to know the details of the traffic violation that has been reported against them or a family member.

How to object to traffic violations

In his statements to Ali, Saudi Traffic revealed that the way to address traffic violations is to first log in to the user's account in Absher, then choose "My Services", then "Traffic" and then choose "Objection to Traffic Violations".

According to the official account of the Saudi Traffic, objections can be submitted within thirty days from the date of registering the violation. Traffic violations registered only can be objected to by the Saher system.