The date for the complete lifting of the ban in Qatar
The date for the complete lifting of the ban in Qatar

Sure, everyone is upset with the measures the government is taking to tackle the Corona virus, but it seems that the solution appeared on the horizon. I opened the title of an urgent statement on the date of the total lifting of the embargo in Qatar. In Qatar, here are all the details.

What was included in the hashtags, and quoting Qatar News Agency, that Qatar eased the curfew across the country on Sunday while maintaining the complete curfew around the clock.

In the capital and neighborhoods it has already been declared isolated to curb the spread of the Coruna virus, and it is working hard to gradually reduce restrictions until it is completely removed from it soon.

It is reported that Qatar has decided to impose precautionary measures, including preventing all forms of gathering, and also has decided to close the Corniche with parks and public beaches in a quarter of the country.

This is a continuation of the efforts made by the Emirate of Qatar to combat the Corona virus (Covid-19), which is widespread in the world as a whole, and to limit its spread among citizens and residents in the country and avoid infection.

Hence, the official spokesperson for the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management in Qatar, Lulwa Bint Rashid bin Muhammad Al-Khater, said in a press conference held this evening that mobile patrols will be published and arrested for those who violate this decision, distribute checkpoints in the various regions of the country, and allocate a hotline To submit complaints and complaints about any violations of this and previous decisions.

In turn, Lulwah Al-Khater assured in this regard that food outlets and pharmacies will operate normally, and that delivery services, including restaurants, are continuing.

Also, she affirmed that the State of Qatar with all its organs and bodies concerned is doing everything it must to preserve the safety of society and contain the virus without human losses, stressing that individual responsibility and societal sense must prevail among all in the current circumstances.

The date for the opening of mosques and places of worship in Qatar

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa Al Thani, said that his country is facing the new epidemic of Corona with force, firmness and mobilization of everyone's efforts to protect society from the spread of this virus, which is spreading strongly among the public.

Through him and in a tweet on his account on Twitter, the Qatari Prime Minister stressed the necessity of unnecessary homes, and adherence to the preventive guidelines to support the health system and medical cadres in their mission, and achieve full success. He added, "Our health system stands in the front line of this confrontation, and our medical cadres She performs her noble mission with courage and success, complete only with you. "

Earlier today, the Qatari Ministry of Health announced the registration of seven new infections in Corona, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 501, and the ministry said that the new cases are related to travelers who recently arrived in Qatar and to expatriate workers, including two cases for citizens.

Finally, the Al-Mukhtisar newspaper wishes the safety of this epidemic, and it wishes the speed of salvation from us at the earliest time, and also wishes that the date of the ban will come to us soon and the nightmare of Krona's nightmare will end, and the opening of mosques and places of worship in Qatar.