Important statement from the Government of the Emirates today a few years ago, and in light of the escalating number of people living with coronavirus and the stopping of work, the beginning of the period of time and time

 Alent humanitarian Friendship Association in the UAE for the establishment of a small initiative to help residents and destitute victims of trade residencies by giving them financial assistance, under the conditions of Corona crisis that halted business in the country.
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Health recorded 75 cases of the new virus Corona emerging, in the statistics are higher for cases since it began advertising recorded cases of HIV infection on February 24 last, the striking acceleration is recorded cases of infection among Indian and Bangladeshi citizenship and other nationalities within UAE .
Cases have reached infection among 4 nationalities Asian 148 cases within a few days, the observed is recorded 54 cases in their midst during the day, by 42 cases of Indian nationality and 10 of Bengali nationality and one case each of Nepalese nationality and Philippine.
The escalating rate of registration of cases and epidemiological investigation of cases to record 68 exclusivity cases during a one-day, 33 cases by close contact with cases under the epidemiological investigation and 32 cases under the epidemiological investigation and 3 cases associated with travel to the United Kingdom of communion.
Recorded casualty figures on the first case linked to travel to Iraq, and continued cases associated with travel to the United Kingdom of their increase of up to 101 cases compared to 89 cases linked to travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran to form together more than 45 percent of the sources of infection.
Indian nationality was at the forefront of cases of infection among expatriate nationalities in 114 cases, followed by Egyptian nationality in 23 cases, while the number of adults reached no. .