The reliefs did not end with the goodness of the United Arab Emirates until the end of the Corona virus, so the Emirates is one of the largest countries in the world in humanity and it is indeed the state of humanity and goodness for all Arab countries.

Where the matter comes from the ruler of the country to the authorities concerned to provide all assistance to all citizens and expatriates of different nationalities on the territory of the Emirates, which passes the darkest conditions in front of the challenges of stopping the spread of the new Corona virus, as it was not satisfied to assist its citizens and residents on its lands and to protect them but rather endeavored to provide a helping hand to Arab countries Or a foreign woman, so humanity does not differentiate between an Arab and a foreigner, and everyone who has been stranded to reach his country again after the governments have been busy isolating the population in their homes to overcome this stage of the disease, and take more strict preventive measures to protect them from the epidemic that killed thousands of citizens and Acre in all countries of the world.

On the other hand, young Emiratis residing in the United Arab Emirates alike launched a campaign of thanks and solidarity with the Emirati government, and officials responsible for their safety during the crisis the world is going through and frightening some weak hearts inside the UAE, and launched various hashtags on social media to express their gratitude to all What the UAE is doing to help the people of the world in the emerging crisis of the Corona virus in all countries of the world, where it made great efforts and all nationalities for the sake of humanity and not nationality, race or any religion.

On the other hand, the Emirati authorities have dealt since the beginning of recording new HIV infections in the country seriously and without distinction with the cases of any Arab or foreign religion or nationality, which enabled them to limit their number with great cooperation and compelling medical staff and all workers in the health sector and also the security sector that facilitated the implementation The government’s entire plan, which has gradually been taken to take proactive decisions to protect citizens, residents and everyone living on UAE soil from the spread of the new Corona virus.

UAE Red Crescent: For all those trapped in the Emirates, to submit a request for help through the official website.
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While the UAE government has implemented the remote work system for some categories of employees in the federal authorities for a period of two weeks, from March 15 to March 26 this is a renewable period.
Where official sources assured the Emirati newspapers today that the exceptional decisions come in order to preserve the safety of all citizens, society and health with continuous flow support for all residents and citizens working and its efficiency in various bodies and sectors, depending on the technological infrastructure in the country supported by techniques and technology with international specifications that help us In the cross stage.

Since the time the virus began to spread in the UAE in a number of countries in the world, the UAE government has taken the initiative to reassure citizens and residents in the country with a confident letter, stressing its capabilities and efficiency in facing this exceptional circumstances and facing the virus with the necessary packages and flexibility of time to extend this period.

On the other hand, the message of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, which he sent last Tuesday to society comes positively on the soul of everyone who lives in the United Arab Emirates, where he assured them that the priority of the state is to protect people and preserve their safety before everything we expect from my advancement Fa offers health and safety of humanity in the first place.

In another, he said in a speech to him at a council in the Palace of the Sea in the presence of a number of Sheikhs, ministers and officials of the United Arab Emirates State We have started our preparations before Corona, and thanks to God Almighty the UAE is safe, stable and medically developed to a large extent, there is no concern for the UAE, and we are in good and safety from God and our preparedness Sustainable to meet all challenges of the emerging krona virus.

Today, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed called on everyone to preserve their health and that of their families, saying, "I want you to remember a word, which is that the difficult time we live will go away, God willing, but we need patience for this affliction, and that the affliction, no matter how long, will end, God willing."

Where he stressed that medicine and food is a red line for the United Arab Emirates, we have the ability to secure to an endless thanks to every employee of the Ministry of Health and said this work can not be forgotten over the passage of time that we live.

As for the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, in turn, he thanked all those who contributed to spreading awareness to the people and residents on the entire Emirates to stop the spread of the virus and protect the people from it and tweeting the tension of the social access site. He said what we perceive is the awareness of our companies and institutions of their social responsibility during the current circumstances that the United Arab Emirates is going through Support registration link to all citizens and non-citizens click here.