Many social media pioneers interacted to demand decisive dismissals to save the economic situation inside the country.

Hashtag has sacked Maryam al-Aqil, the minister of economic affairs in Kuwait, and the Twitter blogging site, and their tweets expressed the minister's decisions and statements that they described as contradictory.

Dismissal of Maryam al-Aqil

Badour said: "The contradictory statements, once you say that there is no place for employing citizens, and when you say that you cannot dispense with expatriates. You do not know that you have created a committee on the mainland of the Ministry of Affairs and supported Akbar Manj."

Latifa Al-Zeerhan said: “When does the sun rise in Kuwait, and it is free from corruption and corrupt people, we are anxiously waiting for the lion to come out of its hideout to eliminate the dark bats that caused ruin in Kuwait. Congratulations, document the Sheikh’s account # Nasser_Sabah_Ahmad on Twitter to silence your tongue, Abdul Dinar. "

Al-Marzouq wrote: He must be treated from the citizens ’salary contract before he is dismissed from the ministry while he was finance minister. She was calling on the government to reduce the salaries of citizens and when he became Minister of Affairs, the council requested approval of the law to reduce the salaries of citizens. "

"The hashtag is calls from citizens for the government to dismiss the Minister of Social Affairs Maryam Al-Aqil in light of some statements that angered some citizens," said Shu Salifa Al-Hashtaq's account on Twitter.

Minister of Economic Affairs

Al-Reem bint Kuwait newspaper was published: "I see a minister of a ministry, a rule that does not serve Kuwait and against citizens, and treats jobs and all expatriates, so it must be isolated ...

Jamal Al-Shuwaib said: “Eight thousand number is very small for the state of Kuwait itself, the minister who does not provide solutions for Kuwait and create unwanted job opportunities in any government that respects its people. Strangely, where are the members of the National Assembly who call themselves reformers and against corruption?

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Jabir Mubarak Al-Rajyan commented: “Maryam Al-Aqil follows Hind Al-Subaih’s approach !! He must be replaced by a minister of leadership who does not follow anyone’s policy, and he must be a leader who can distinguish himself from right and wrong in making decisions, and we must free ourselves from following someone because of his position or His party or his family's name - ((Citizen's Pocket, Red Line)).

Dr. Fahd Miteb Al-Shalahi wrote: “The Minister of Affairs ... we inform you that the mediator was not known before, and now the mediator became known (the farmers’ association) in order to support this mediator. If you have a desire for reform, you must take the right path. Without a mediator To support the local product. "