UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention
UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention

The recent test results conducted on citizens in the UAE for the new vaccine developed by the Chinese company "Sinopharma" in order to confront the Corona virus, were found to be safe and very effective.

In a related medical context, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the UAE revealed that the new vaccine contains antibodies to the virus, as it was tested on rodents, rabbits and monkeys without causing any side effects.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE added that according to the "fierce biotech" website, the first and second phase trials confirmed the safety of the new vaccine and all antibodies in the many doses that were used. The vaccine was manufactured at the Beijing Institute for Biological Products of the CNBG, depending on a viral strain. One of a patient.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the UAE indicated that among the results of the vaccine was that the animals that received doses were able to attack the virus unlike the animals that did not receive it, and after the vaccination was performed on monkeys against the SARS and Corona viruses, the researchers wrote that the vaccinated monkeys did not catch any virus.

Currently, the company "Sinopharm" is working on its development and modification of its genes in China after the results of tests conducted on humans proved that it is safe and effective, which were conducted in two stages, including 1120 healthy people.

And the Chinese company Sinopharm revealed the date of launching the new vaccine against the Corona virus, which will be in December 2020, according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

The president of "Sinopharma" Liu Jingchen, who revealed that the manufacturers will be able to produce 220 million doses of the vaccine throughout the year, and that the initial experiments clarified and revealed that people may need two or three doses in order to be effective, and the price of the package that contains Two doses amounted to $ 130, equivalent to about (2070 Egyptian pounds).

According to the Chinese manufacturer, it is likely that two doses of that vaccine will be recommended at the start of use, because one of them provides protection with only 97%, and taking two doses may reach 100% protection, provided that the period between the first and second about 28 days, or taking The two injections are simultaneously in the arms.

What did the UAE do?

For its part, the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE has conducted all tests on this Chinese vaccine in the United Arab Emirates, because about 200 many nationalities reside there, and this is a great opportunity so that it can be tried in a group of people.

The trials of the third phase of the Chinese vaccine began in the UAE in the previous month of July, and was not completed yet, but the Arab country also granted emergency approval for the use of the Corona virus vaccine in all worlds in the health sector.

From Jana, the Emirati Minister of Health, Abdul Rahman Al Owais, confirmed that the results of studies during the final stages of the trials also revealed that the vaccine is safe and effective in a very large percentage, and it resulted in a strong response, and the generation of antibodies to the virus, according to "dw".

The Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE revealed that the studies related to the safety of vaccination were reviewed, under the strict supervision of a medical team to administer the study, and by applying all measures to control the quality, safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

For its part, the National Crisis and Disaster Management Authority in the UAE revealed on the Twitter short-tweet platform: “The vaccine will be available to all first-line champions who are at risk of contracting the virus and they are all the worlds of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the UAE, as there were no side effects. A dangerous vaccine, which was tested on 31,000 volunteers, "according to the BBC.

Very minor side effects

For her part, Dr. Nawal Al-Kaabi, head of the National Clinical Committee for Coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates, and the principal investigator for all clinical trials of the new vaccine, revealed that simple and expected side effects were observed like any other vaccine, most of which was pain in the injection area, feeling fatigue or simple headaches. And there were no serious side effects reported that require immediate treatment.

On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates recorded, yesterday, Wednesday, September 23, 1083 new cases of Coronavirus, in addition to a new death.

The total number of Coronavirus cases in the UAE increased to 87,530 cases, including 406 deaths from "Covid-19", with a death rate of 0.46%, which is less than 1%.

At the present time, the UAE is ranked forty-first at the global level on the ladder of the general ranking due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, and it comes behind Sweden and in front of Guatemala.

On the other hand, the UAE witnessed the recovery of 76,995 patients from "Covid-19" disease, with a cure rate of approximately 88%.