When will flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia be opened? .. A new decision regarding expatriate workers

The Saudi Aviation Authority is preparing to take an immediate decision to announce that Saudi Arabia will allow all Egyptian expatriate workers to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as Counselor Karim Abu Al-Saud, the labor attaché at the Egyptian Embassy in Riyadh, stated in televised statements that Egyptian workers returning to Saudi Arabia are being counted, in coordination With the Egyptian offices, explaining that Saudi Arabia will allow the Egyptian expatriate to receive a third dose (two doses within his country, and another in the Kingdom, as the third dose is considered a booster dose for the vaccine).

A third dose of Egyptian workers returning to Saudi Arabia

Abu Al-Saud added, during a telephone interview to the “Masaa DMC” program broadcast on the “dmc” satellite channel, and presented by the media, Jasmine Taha Zaki, that Saudi Arabia requires arrivals to have obtained two doses of vaccines approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to The third dose that the arrival receives upon arrival in order to increase precaution.

Vaccines approved to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Labor Representation Office of the Ministry of Manpower at the Egyptian Consulate General in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced, during an urgent report, that the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health had identified the approved vaccines to enter its territory, which are:



Oxford AstraZeneca.

Janssen and Sinopharm.


Link to get the vaccine in Saudi Arabia

Labor Attaché Karim Abu Al-Saud, acting head of the labor representation office in Riyadh, explained that the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom stipulated that the citizen obtain the third booster dose, from one of the approved vaccines inside the Kingdom after reaching it, provided that he initially records the data of the vaccine obtained in his country, via The website of the Saudi Ministry of Health, the following is here, so that the received doses can be added to the “Tawakulna Application” so that it can enter the territory of the Kingdom.

Saudi Airlines.. Conditions for registration on the Saudi Health website

The Labor Attaché, Karim Abu Al-Saud, added that there are conditions for a citizen wishing to register on the website to consider the request, which are:

Ensure the correctness and accuracy of the information entered; As entering wrong information may lead to rejection of the application.

The existence of a national identity card, or the identity of a resident to receive the application, and that the documents entered should be in (PDF) format, and their size should not exceed (MB1).

Traveling to Saudi Arabia.. Conditions regarding the certificate of immunization against corona

He also pointed out that it is necessary to ensure that the certificate complies with several requirements, namely: that the personal data be indicated in the certificate, that it be issued in one of the languages: Arabic, English, or French or a certified translation into Arabic, and that the certificate clearly contains the name of the vaccine. date, and batch number.

A copy of the passport and a copy of the vaccination certificate must be attached to the application. A new application cannot be submitted if there is an existing application. The citizen’s application is considered and responded to within 5 working days, and the medical committee reserves the right to reject any application, or impose additional requirements according to What you see fit after reviewing it.

The labor attaché, Karim Abu Al-Saud, explained that this decision comes a few days after the issuance of a circular from the competent authorities allowing residents outside the Kingdom to return on direct airlines who received two doses of vaccine inside the Kingdom before traveling.

Opening flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia “soon”

Abu Al-Saud believes that determining the approved vaccines to enter the territory of the Kingdom is a breakthrough in the position of the Egyptians present in Egypt at the present time, which foretells the imminent opening of the airspace lines in the near future.