An exceptional presentation of the masterpieces of musician Mohamed Al-Mojefi on MBC Egypt


Today, MBC Egypt is preparing to show a special and exceptional evening, live from Riyadh, where a wonderful party is being organized to celebrate the masterpieces of the late musician Mohamed Al-Mojefi.

Many prominent stars of the Arab world, including singer Angham, singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, singer Zina Emad, and artist Mai Farouk, in addition to singers Saber Al-Rubai, Wael Jassar, Majid Al-Mohandes, Abadi Al-Johar, and Ramzy Yassa, will participate in the ceremony.

The concert will be shown on MBC Egypt at 9:00 pm, and this concert is a unique opportunity for Arab music lovers to enjoy the most beautiful works of the great musician Mohamed Al-Mojefi, and to listen to the wonderful and beautiful voices of the stars of the Arab world in performing songs.

On an exceptional evening, MBC Egypt broadcasts the night of musician Mohamed El Mogy’s celebration

Turki Al-Sheikh announced an exceptional concert that will be held today, live from Riyadh, to celebrate the masterpieces of the late musician Muhammad Al-Muji. A group of the most prominent stars of the Arab world will participate in the ceremony, including Angham, Sherine Abdel Wahab, Zina Emad, Mai Farouk, Saber Al-Ribai, Wael Jassar, Majid Al-Mohandes, Abadi Al-Johar and Ramzy Yassa.

Under the direction of musician Yehia El Mougy and led by Maestro Walid Fayed, the concert aims to revive the majestic masterpieces of El Mougy and honor his musical legacy. The concert comes in cooperation between the Quality of Life Program and the Music Authority, and the concert will start at 9:00 pm Riyadh time.

Details of the concert of musician Mohamed Al-Moji

The concert showcases the masterpieces of the late musician Muhammad Al-Moji within the “Riyadh Calendar”, and is considered an opportunity to recreate glimpses of his famous career with the giants of Arab art, such as Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal and Prince Badr bin Abdo Mohsen, as well as Abdul Halim Hafez, Umm Kulthum, Shadia, Sabah, Faiza Ahmed Warda, Talal Maddah and others.

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