Yousra El-Lawzy reveals the details of her personality in “Al-Maddah 3” and “Jamila” and hopes that the audience will hate the “beautiful” character


The able artist, Yousra Al-Lawzi, spoke in an interview with Al-Nasr newspaper correspondent this morning about her experience in the series “Al-Maddah 3” and “Jamila”.

Yousra El-Lawzy: I wished people would hate me in “Jamila” .. and tried to distract me in “Al-Maddah 3”

Yousra Mahmoud El-Lawzy confirmed that she was keen to embody a bad character in the “Jamila” series, and hopes that the audience will hate this character and tolerate it with difficulty.

Changing the pitches of the voice using different tones was one of the most important tools used by Yousra Mahmoud El-Lawzy to make the “beautiful” character more hateful and disturbing. The able artist was able to reach the depth that contains the evil and malice that emanates from within the character.

As for the series “Al-Maddah 3, Legend of Love”, the role of Yousra Mahmoud Al-Lawzi in it was an important and influential role. Yousra El-Lawzy said that she accepted the role because it will greatly affect the series and increase its popularity and attractiveness.

In “Jamila,” Yousra Mahmoud Al-Lawzi embodied the character of the lawyer, Jamila, who lives a quiet life with her husband and family. But after the death of her father, her life changes upside down, and exciting and exciting events begin that attract the masses.

In “Al-Maddah 3, Legend of Love”, the series tells the story of Saber, who is eagerly awaiting his first child.

Behind the scenes of the series “Al-Maddah 3” and “Jamila”: the talk of the artist, Yousra Mahmoud El-Lawzy

The young actress, Yousra Mahmoud El-Lawzy, spoke about her roles in the series “Al-Maddah 3” and “Jamila”, in an exclusive interview with ET in Arabic. In this article, we will look at the details of these series and review Yousra El Lozy’s talk about her characters and her experience in them.

The rising artist, Yousra Mahmoud El-Lawzy, has turned into one of the most prominent stars of Egyptian drama in the recent period, as she participated in many successful series such as “Al Maddah 3” and “Gamila”. She drew attention with her distinguished and profound performance in these two works, as she was able to present difficult and complex characters with brilliance and talent.

The character “Jamila” in the series “Jamila” is one of these characters. The series revolves around Jamila, a lawyer and head of the Administrative Prosecution, who enjoys a quiet and stable family life, but her life changes dramatically when her father dies and leaves her all his possessions alone. Jamila lives with many challenges and hardships that make her face herself and discover new aspects of her personality.

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