The day after tomorrow… the “Symphony” plays “Majestic Rossini Mass” in one evening at the Opera House


It seems that the Cairo Symphony Orchestra’s concert, which will be held the day after tomorrow, is indeed a distinguished artistic event, thanks to the participating artists and the work that will be presented, written and directed by Italian maestro Jacob Sibari Di Pica.

Interestingly, the program includes a solemn little liturgy by Gioacchino Rossini, which reflects the extent of Rossini’s influence on classical music and opera in the world.

It is also mentioned that Rossini was one of the prominent Italian musicians in the nineteenth century, and he had important contributions to the development of the art of opera and classical music. Among his most famous opera works: “The Barber of Seville”, “Othello”, “Count of Uri”, “William Tell” and others. His work was characterized by a unique sense of creativity in melody and musical arrangement, which made him occupy a high position among his fans and colleagues in the field. Despite his great success, he suffered from psychological disorders and severe depression after the death of his mother, and he died in 1868 at the age of 76. It is certain that the Cairo Symphony Orchestra concert will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Rossini’s wonderful work and listen to the professional performance of the participating artists, and this is what makes the concert an unmissable date for lovers of classical music and opera. The Italian maestro, Jacob Sibari Di Pica, is a strong addition to the concert, as he is one of the most important and famous maestros in the world, and has led a number of prestigious international orchestras.

We hope that the concert will be a great success and that it will be a wonderful addition to the artistic life in Egypt and the region, and that the audience will be able to enjoy the wonderful and emotionally stimulating musical show. The Grand Opera Theater in Cairo is a suitable place to hold this great artistic concert, as it is distinguished by its elegant and luxurious design, which can accommodate a large number of audiences. It is hoped that amateurs of classical music, opera and those interested in the arts in general will attend the concert, and everyone hopes that more such distinguished artistic events will be organized in the future.

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