“I don’t care what they think,” Johnny Depp’s first comment on the Hollywood Studios boycott


Johnny Depp’s statements sparked great controversy in the film industry, as he expressed his lack of interest in returning to Hollywood and not feeling interrupted, which raised questions about his future in the film industry.

As for the movie “Jeanne du Barry”, it is directed by French actress Sandrine Bonnier, and tells the life story of Jeanne Picot, who was the mistress of Louis XV and rose in French society in the eighteenth century. And co-starring a group of French actors.

Johnny Depp’s leadership in the Google search engine because of his statements during the press conference for his movie and his comments on his boycott by major studios is an indication of the great interest that this global star enjoys in the film industry and the criticism he is exposed to due to personal issues and legal problems. This interest appears in addition to the great interest in his new movie “Jean de Barry”, which is receiving wide attention from the cinema audience and critics.

Johnny Depp’s statement about his lack of interest in returning to Hollywood and not feeling interrupted is part of the controversy surrounding the issue of politics and ethics in the film industry, especially in light of the increasing accusations of movie stars of misconduct and sexual harassment. Depp’s statement is part of the recent discussions about the issue of the stars’ responsibility and their role in improving the film industry and fixing what needs to be fixed.

On the other hand, “Jean de Barry” is one of the French films that show originality and distinction, and it has an exciting story and a wonderful acting performance from its stars. The film goes beyond autobiographical boundaries to transport the audience to the eighteenth century and tells the story of a woman who was able to achieve her position in a conservative and completely different society. The film is a new addition to the record of great French films, and there is no doubt that it will be very popular with cinema audiences around the world.

In the end, Johnny Depp remains a global star that raises controversy and interest, and has a large audience in many countries of the world, thanks to his unique talent, remarkable roles and attractive personality. Despite the personal and legal problems he faces, his fans continue to love and support him, and everyone hopes that he will be able to overcome these problems and return to the limelight again with success and brilliance.

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