After his films with the leader.. “The Professor” brings together Sharif Arafa and Muhammad Imam – Al-Nasr Newspaper


The artist, Mohamed Emam, is preparing to collaborate with the great director Sherif Arafa in a new film, temporarily called “The Professor.”

This cooperation between Muhammad Imam and director Sherif Arafa comes after they presented together a group of the most important films in their artistic career, in cooperation with their father, the great star, Adel Imam. Where they presented famous films such as “Playing with Adults”, “Terrorism and Kebabs”, “The Forgotten”, “Birds of Darkness” and “Sleeping with Honey”.

Muhammad Imam is also awaiting the screening of his new movie “Abu Nasab”, which will compete in the Eid al-Adha film season of 2023. Muhammad Imam revealed the features of his character in the film through his official account on Facebook, where he confirmed that he made a lot of effort to present this character in a distinctive way in the job.

The events of the movie “Abu Nasab” take place in a comic framework, where Muhammad Imam plays the role of the doctor, and the artist Hala Fakher embodies the role of his mother, and the artist Majed Al-Kadwani appears in the role of the doctor, the father of the artist, Yasmine Sabry. The film deals with the case of Muhammad Imam and his problems related to his origins. It also sheds light on the social problems facing young people and the conflicts between relatives.

A group of stars, including Yasmine Sabry, Majid Al-Kedwani, Wafaa Amer, Hala Fakher, Muhammad Lotfi, and a number of other artists, along with Muhammad Imam, participate in the movie “Abu Nasb”. The film is written by Ayman Wattar and directed by Ramy Imam.

Details of Yasmine Sabry’s role in the movie indicate that she will embody the character “Life Coach” and will be exposed to many paradoxes and comical situations during the events of the movie.

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