The Fire with Fire series raises a lot of controversy among viewers because of the latest footage


Dear reader, have you watched the series Fire with Fire, which was shown during the current Ramadan season? If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend that you follow it, as this joint Arab action achieved great success and aroused public interest.

In this series, the issue of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the interaction of the Lebanese with them is dealt with, through the story of a Syrian school who fled her homeland during the war, only to find herself stuck in a neighborhood in Beirut, trying in various ways to preserve her life and continue in a city she does not know.

Clips from the series Fire with Fire spark widespread controversy among viewers

Among the events that made the audience immerse themselves in the story was the heated confrontation between Karis Bashar in the role of “Maryam” and George Khabbaz in the role of “Aziz” after Maryam was angry at a banner Aziz raised in the street that read “It is forbidden for Syrians to roam after eight o’clock in the evening,” as the actress commented “You write Syrians, not Syrians, intellectuals, Phoenicians.”

This scene was the subject of widespread discussion on social media, as it addressed the issue of racism to which some people are exposed, and showed in an artistic manner the talent of the artists and the creativity of the writer.

The series “Fire with Fire” was shown on the Lebanese International Broadcasting Corporation, the “Shahid” platform, and a number of Arab satellite channels. The series features a distinguished cast that includes Abed Fahd, Karis Bashar, George Khabbaz, Zina Makki, Tariq Tamim, Tony Issa, and a number of the most prominent stars of drama in Syria and Lebanon.

Reham Abdel Hakim: Presenting tartar at a party is a great idea

Yesterday, singer Reham Abdel Hakim revived a singing evening at the Egyptian Opera House, titled “Zaman series sequences”, during which she presented the sequences of the old Ramadan series that go back to the memory of the audience and reflect their memories.

Reham Abdel Hakim explained that the idea came because the old series are closely linked to the minds of the audience and have a special place in their hearts.

The singer starred in the performance of three sequels, namely Fresca’s sequel, Khatam Suleiman’s sequel, and Ragaein Ya Hawa. The concert was attended by the great artist Mohamed El Helou, who also performed some songs.

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