May Kassab comments on the fame of mahraganat singers and praises Oka: “owner of the mahraganat school”


At the present time, the owner of the School of Festivals, the artist Oka, is witnessing a great and widespread fame in the world of singing, and the artist Mai Kassab commented on this fame, pointing to Oka’s superiority and innovative vision in this lyrical genre.

Oka is the owner of the School of Festivals

May Kassab expressed her admiration for Oka’s idea of ​​developing festivals and presenting a new and innovative singing style. She pointed out that Oka is considered the owner of the School of Festivals, as he has a unique idea and his own in this lyrical color. Oka achieved great and widespread success through his musical works that adopt the style of festivals, and were characterized by the diversity of colors of music and modern distributions.

Renewing singing methods and developing festivals

Mai Kassab confirmed that Oka is always thinking about ways to develop festivals and make them look different from their predecessors, and Oka is working on renewing the idea and presenting it in an innovative and distinctive way, which makes it at the forefront of the world of festivals at the present time.

Mai Al-Kassab confirms that Oka is one of the singers who renew singing styles in festivals, as he works on developing and renewing them continuously.

May Al-Kassab points out that Oka is innovative in performing songs and in their lyrics, which gives festivals attractiveness and continuous renewal, which made him gain wide fame in that artistic community.

May Kassab comments on Oka’s fame and stresses the development of festivals

In her interview with the media, Asma Ibrahim, on the “Secret Ink” program on the “Cairo and the People” screen, the artist, Mai Al-Kassab, commented on the popularity of mahraganat singers at the present time, and confirmed that Oka gained great fame and became considered the owner of the mahraganat school.

May Al-Kassab indicated that Oka has a new idea in this color and is working on developing it permanently, which made it achieve widespread and popular fame among festival audiences.

May Al-Kassab considers Oka’s innovative and new thinking to be what made him so famous in the world of festivals.

May Al-Kassab explained during the interview that Oka has a renewed idea in this color, and is working on developing it and renewing the methods of singing in it continuously. Oka is considered the owner of the festival school, as he appreciates his efforts in developing this type of singing and making it occupy a prominent position among the festival audience.

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