“Mahra” resorts to “Sahar” after the death of her brother “Tariq” – Al-Nasr Newspaper


The events of the twenty-fourth episode of the series “Darb Nar” begin after the death of “Mahra’s” brother, who was presented by the artist Ahmed Ghazi, after he took an overdose of drugs. “Mahra”, presented by the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, resorts to her friend “Sahar”, presented by the artist, Maha Nassar, and asks her to come to her to help her in this difficult time.

“Darb Nar” series, episode 24 .. Yasmine Abdel Aziz resorts to her friend, and Ahmed Al-Awadi takes revenge for her brother

Deep emotion appears on the face of “Mahra” and she expresses her great sadness over the loss of her brother. She turns to “Sahar” for support and help in facing this trauma.

Mohra offers money to Sahar in return for restoring peace of mind for her and her deceased brother

“Mahra” offers a large amount of money to “Sahar” in return for her peace of mind and help her recover her dead brother. The strong friendship between “Mahra” and “Sahar” continues, and mutual trust appears between them. However, “Sahar” tells “Mahra” that she was not the cause of her brother’s death, nor the imprisonment of her ex-husband, “Jaber”, who is presented by the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi. “Mahra” is amazed by these words and seems puzzled by “Sahar’s” statement, while the atmosphere between them becomes tense.

“Jaber” quotes “Al-Qassam” to avenge the death of “Mahra’s” brother

“Jaber” goes to the “Al-Mazin” drug dealer, presented by the artist Hassan Hosni, with the aim of avenging the death of “Mahra’s” brother. The two face off in a heated confrontation, exchanging threats and exchanging words. Jaber insists that it was Al-Muzayen who caused the death of Mohra’s brother because of his involvement in the drug trade. While “Jaber” is trying to take revenge, “Sami”, presented by the artist Ahmed Diab, appears, who is an ally of “Jaber”, who seeks to help him reach “Al-Muzayen”. A new confrontation breaks out between everyone, making the situation even worse.

The suspense and excitement continues in the series “Darb Nar”

The events in the series “Darb Nar” continue with suspense and excitement, as tension escalates between the characters, and “Mahra” and “Jaber” discover more secrets and intertwining threads that link them with the death of “Mahra’s” brother. Until now, the question remains about who was the real reason behind the death of “Mahra’s” brother, and who bears responsibility for it.

Thus, the events of the series “Darb Nar” continue to continue its exciting narration, which is full of suspense and excitement, and questions remain about the fate of the action figures and the developments of the story in the upcoming episodes.

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