Find out the dates of the show, “Sarah Al-Batea,” Episode 26


Ramadan 2023 series, episode 26 of the series “Sarah Al-Batea” is expected to be shown on the ON and Al-Hayat channels network and the WATCH IT platform this night.

The masses are eagerly awaiting the presentation of this episode, especially after Sultan Hamed, whose role is played by the artist Ahmed Al-Saadani, stormed the French castle and detonated ammunition in the previous events of the series. You can follow the episode on ON, Al-Hayat, and WATCH IT channels, and enjoy the story’s developments and interesting events.

The dates of the series, Surat Al-Batea, episode 26

Millions of fans of Arabic series are following the series “Sarah Al-Batea” with passion, and episode 26 of the series comes to increase the suspense of the masses and is present on many Egyptian TV channels.

The episode will be shown on the ON channel at exactly 7:30 pm, and it will be repeated at 6:15 am, and the series will also be shown on Al Hayat channel at 12 after midnight, and it will be returned at 8 am.

The episode will also be shown on the ten channel network at 12:30 am, with its replay at 2:45 am, and it will be repeated again at 4:30 pm. In addition, the series can be watched via the WATCH IT digital platform.

The events of the Serra Al-Batea series, episode 25

Serra Al-Batea series is one of the most famous modern Egyptian series that is very popular in the Arab world. As it continues to be shown on television, viewers are eagerly awaiting the events of episode 26 of this interesting and exciting series. We will take a look at the details of the new episode and its showtimes on the different channels.

In the previous episode of Surra Al-Batea series, we witnessed the entry of the controversial character Hamed, whose role is played by the artist Ahmed Al-Saadani, to the French castle in an innovative and interesting way. Where Hamed and his companions rode the fodder cart to be able to enter the castle, detonate ammunition and cannons, and escape successfully. Hamid Naji and Mukhtar were accompanied by him in this bold and risky operation.

When they reached the castle, Bonaparte and the French army officers were surprised by the explosion of the castle and the fall of many dead and injured. This explosion left a great impact on the French forces and increased the strength of Hamid and his team. Hence, Hamed planned more offensive operations to expel the French army from the country, as he continues to confront the French occupation with courage and determination.

In another context, the emotional and social relations between the series’ characters continued to develop, as we witnessed developments in Hamed’s relations with Naji and Mukhtar, and new interactions between them. The exciting events, full of suspense and excitement, continued, making viewers nervously waiting for the new episode of the series.

This is a simple summary of the events of Episode 25 of the Serra Al-Batea series, and we are eagerly awaiting the follow-up of Episode 26 and knowing the developments of the story and the fate of its characters in the face of the French occupation.

Serra Al-Batea series

The series “Sarah Al-Batea” co-stars with a large number of distinguished stars, including Ahmed Fahmy, Reem Mostafa, Ahmed Al-Saadani, Hanan Mutawa, Hussein Fahmy, Naglaa Badr, Amr Abdel-Jalil, Salah Abdullah, Hala Sidky, Ahmed Abdel-Aziz, Ahmed Wafiq, Menna Fadali, Mahmoud Kabil, Aida Riad, Khaled Sarhan, Mustafa Darwish, Alaa Hosni, Nahed Rushdi, and directed by Khaled Youssef.

The presence of these stars in the series gives it attractiveness and attractiveness to viewers, and increases the suspense and anticipation to see their interactions and performance in their various roles at work.

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