In preparation for its showing, the official poster of the movie “The Last Row” was launched – Al-Nasr Newspaper


The company producing “The Last Row,” a movie starring Bayoumi Fouad, announced the official poster for the movie, which is scheduled to be shown in Egyptian theaters on May 17.

In this film, Bayoumi Fouad plays the role of a teacher trying to find solutions to the problems of his students in the last grade, a role that embodies many important human values ​​that every society must promote and support.

These values ​​come in the context of education and learning, where art and entertainment are used as a means of conveying information and ideas in an entertaining and attractive way to students, which helps them understand the material better and faster.

The film “The Last Row” is an important addition to the Egyptian cinema, as it is characterized by an interesting story and a distinguished performance by all the actors, in addition to that it addresses important and inspiring social and cultural issues.

Therefore, we affirm that the movie “The Last Row” deserves to be watched and encouraged, and we expect it to achieve great success in Egyptian theaters and in Arab cinema in general.

Last class movie poster

The official poster of the movie “The Last Class” starring Bayoumi Fouad and Tiam Qamar Al-Shab appears, as they wear happy clothes and black glasses, which indicates that they embody the characters of two teachers in a school. The film is expected to deal with education issues and problems faced by students in Egyptian schools.

Last row movie

The movie “The Last Row” deals with the story of a naive young man who looks at life in a limited way, yet he goes through a journey of change in his view of things and the beliefs he used to adopt.

Last row movie heroes

A group of stars will participate in the movie “The Last Row”, including Bayoumi Fouad, Tiam Qamar, Mohamed Abdel-Azim, Yasser Al-Tabji, Amjad Abed and Noura Abdel-Rahman as a new face. The film features a touching story, written by Sherif Mohsen, May Ziadi and Alaa Hassan, and Sherif Mohsen is in charge of directing. The film is produced by Victoria Film Company.

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