Details of the new citizenship law in the UAE and 5 main benefits for citizens, residents and the UAE economy

The Saudi Stock Exchange continues to rise during morning trading for the second session of the week, and foreign ownership rises $ 1.98 billion in a week

The Qatar Stock Exchange fell 0.14% in Sunday's session ... 26 stocks fell

The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange concludes today's trading with a decline in the general index

South Africa supports solar cars as an alternative to electric cars

The Kuwait Stock Exchange concludes transactions on a discrepancy amid an increase in liquidity and the end of the interim data disclosure period

Gold prices today in the UAE are in Emirati dirhams, with workmanship today, Friday 19-2-2021

Lucid Motors produces the first Saudi electric car to compete in the electric car market with low price and great performance supported by the investment fund

Saudi Arabia applies a 15% value-added tax and raises fuel prices, and King Salman issues this statement

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority in the UAE sets precautionary measures for travel and exit

Mohammed bin Rashid and Mohammed bin Zayed send a congratulatory message to Saudi Arabia

New Zealand eliminates Corona and eases precautionary measures to the lowest level

The Australian Ministry of Health issues an urgent and important statement to all citizens and residents of Australia regarding the Corona virus

Download the application of Umrah for Android 2020 and iPhone devices for the new phase, app features and the Umrah system, the second phase, 75% of the new

The price of the Emirati dirham today against the Egyptian pound, the US dollar, and other currencies

No entry or exit ... Australia is under the siege of Corona throughout 2021

Audi starts making its electric motors in Hungary

Audi starts making its electric motors in Croatia

The European Stock Exchange falls at the end of today's trading with the stopping of global market gains

Audi starts making its electric motors in Kenya

Audi starts making its electric motors in Malta

Audi starts making its electric motors in Iceland

Forex trading in the UAE is reliable and safe

The price of gold in the UAE All borrowings are in grams in UAE dirhams