The official spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health launches a new decision regarding the muzzle

Saudi Traffic issues a very important statement regarding traffic violations

South Africa is preparing to face a new wave of the Corona virus and sets one condition to end the closure

New Zealand announces a new decision regarding quarantine in the city of Auckland and asks all citizens for this urgent matter

Qatar Airways announces the operation of a new airline between Egypt and Qatar

Saudi Airlines intends to launch a second national airline

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern approves use of the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 12 to 1515

An astronomical phenomenon in Saudi Arabia that occurs approximately once a year

When will flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia be opened? .. A new decision regarding expatriate workers

To confront the Corona virus ... New Zealand abandons the goal of vaccination and sets a new strategy

Oman Civil Aviation announces the activation of the maximum state of emergency

Electricity outage in South Africa for a week

Carrefour UAE offers a 50% discount and initiatives to support the circular economy and achieve sustainability

The Kuwaiti government decided to cut the salaries of government employees in half

The UAE government allocates 24 billion dirhams for you to accommodate 75,000 citizens in the private sector

Dubai Stock Exchange intends to launch 3 new future shares contracts

The Emirates announces that the holders of valid residence visas will be allowed to return, with conditions (get to know them)

South Africa officially announces photovoltaic charging of cars in order to reduce carbon emissions

Saudi Passports reveals the necessary period of passport validity when traveling outside Saudi Arabia

The date for the opening of flights between Egypt and Kuwait and the use of Kuwait Airways ... I know the updates

South Africa plans to launch a second national airline

New Zealand plans to launch a second national airline

Nigerian government prepares to build Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline

A rare astronomical phenomenon over the Holy Kaaba in Saudi Arabia