The decline in the price of gold in the UAE during today’s dealings.. Know how many grams have reached?


Gold.. The decline in the price of gold in the Emirates, during today’s dealings, by coinciding with the stability of the gold price in Egypt within the goldsmiths’ markets.

Gold price in UAE

“Al-Nasr Newspaper” provides an exceptional service to its readers by providing them with the latest gold prices in the Emirates. This service allows visitors to view updated gold prices continuously and in various categories.

Gold prices today in the UAE during the current trading session:-

  • 24 carat: 237.41 UAE dirhams, equivalent to 64.65 US dollars.
  • 22 carat: 217.63 UAE dirhams, equivalent to 59.27 US dollars.
  • Carat 21: 207.74 UAE dirhams, equivalent to 56.57 US dollars.
  • 18 karat: 178.06 UAE dirhams, equivalent to 48.49 US dollars.
  • 14 karat: 138.49 UAE dirhams, equivalent to 37.72 US dollars.
  • Carat 12: 118.71 UAE dirhams, equivalent to 32.33 US dollars.

In addition, the price of an ounce of gold in the UAE recorded a value of 7384.34 UAE dirhams, which is equivalent to 2010.98 US dollars.

As for the price of a kilo of gold in the UAE, it recorded a value of 237,411.91 UAE dirhams, which is equivalent to 64,654.36 US dollars.

These are the latest gold prices in the UAE, and we would like to mention that these prices are subject to change based on the movement of the gold market.

Gold price in United Arab Emirates

The increase in gold prices in the UAE today, by 0.27%, comes after the rise in global gold prices, as the price of an ounce of gold reached more than $2,015. This rise is due to the high demand for gold as a hedge against inflation and economic fluctuations.

Currently, Egyptians are looking for gold prices in Arab countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This comes in light of the recent cabinet decision that exempts gold imports from customs tax. Because of this decision, the prices of gold jewelry in the UAE are very popular in search engines among Egyptians at the present time.

Gold in the Emirates is characterized by its delicate designs and various shapes in artifacts and currencies. Usually, the price of gold does not vary much between different stores in the Emirates, as its price depends mainly on the international gold price before calculating manufacturing costs.

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