Al-Azhar faculties finish their preparations for the second semester exams


The statements of the President of Al-Azhar University confirm the readiness of the faculties for the exams of the second semester and the provision of a suitable environment for students to perform the exams with the latest medical devices for emergencies.

He also pointed out the necessity of adhering to the criteria for preparing and formulating questions and the appropriateness of the test time to the nature of the question.

He called on the students to adhere to the appointment announced by the colleges and not to bring mobile phones, smart watches, books, notes or anything that raises suspicions to the exam committees.

He recommended that students maintain psychological balance and not stress them during the examination, noting that there are doctors in all faculties to check on their safety and provide them with medical services in case they feel any illness or fatigue.

Students must commit to focus on studying and review academic material with great care and effort in order to secure their future.

These statements urge students to adhere to the rules and procedures set for the exams and to succeed in them.

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