Local development prepares to operate governmental service complexes in the “decent life” villages


Local development, the report talks about a plan to operate government service complexes, which amount to 332 complexes in the villages of the presidential initiative “A Decent Life.”

According to the report, the training of about 5,400 employees who will operate these complexes and provide various services to the target audience has been completed, and it is expected that this number will reach 10,000 employees by September 2023. The services that will be provided by these government complexes include various vital and basic services such as justice, interior , social solidarity, catering, postal services, in addition to technology and communication services.

The report indicates that the work to operate the government complexes includes the completion of construction works, receiving the buildings from the implementation authorities, and linking to the utility and service meters for each complex, including electronic connection lines. It is expected that 74 complexes will be operational in July 2023, and the operation of the 332 complexes will be completed by the end of October 2023.

The plan indicates that the Ministry of Local Development has concluded contracts for the supply and installation of furniture and equipment necessary for government complexes, at a cost of 662 million pounds, and the authorities have already begun to supply them. Coordination has also been made with the authorities responsible for providing services through the complexes, in order to develop and approve the executive plan for operating the complexes.

The report states that the Minister of Local Development directed the formation of a committee headed by the governorate leadership to supervise, follow up and support procedures for operating government complexes. He also pointed out the ministry’s keenness to maximize the self-resources of government complexes and to provide the annual expenses required for the operation and maintenance of the complexes.

The report also states that some entities will be present in these government service complexes and will contribute to providing self-financing on an annual basis for the complexes, which will help cover part of the operating and maintenance costs.

This project comes within the framework of the presidential initiative “A Decent Life”, which aims to improve the standard of living in villages and rural areas in Egypt, and to provide basic and vital services to the population. The operation of government service complexes in these areas is an important step towards improving the quality of life and meeting the needs of residents in remote and disadvantaged areas.

These government service complexes include primary health care centers, schools, training and rehabilitation centers, cultural and entertainment centers, youth and sports centers, and other basic services that citizens need in their daily lives.

It is expected that this project will witness an increase in the number of government employees who will work in these complexes, and will contribute significantly to providing job opportunities for young people in rural areas.

This project comes within the framework of the Egyptian government’s efforts to develop infrastructure in remote and disadvantaged areas, provide basic services to citizens in those areas, and promote sustainable development throughout the country.

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