Bahrain Stock Exchange
Bahrain Stock Exchange

The "Bahrain General Index" closed on Tuesday at the level of 1,312.78, down by 6.18 points compared to its closing yesterday, Monday, while the "Bahrain Islamic Index" closed at the level of 577.33, down by 7.19 points compared to its previous close.

Investors on the Bahrain Stock Exchange traded 4.18 million shares, with a total value of 877.74 thousand Bahraini dinars, which were implemented through 58 transactions. Of the total value of trading, with a quantity of 3.14 million shares, executed through 32 transactions.

The Ahli United Bank came in the first place, as the value of its traded shares amounted to 664.01 thousand dinars, or 75.65% of the total value of the traded shares, with an amount of 2.78 million shares, executed through 19 transactions.

As for the second position, it was for "IBM Terminals Bahrain" with a value of 99.71 thousand dinars, or 11.36% of the total value of traded shares, and with an amount of 95.88 thousand shares, executed through 3 deals.

Then Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco) came with a value of 40.68 thousand dinars, or 4.63% of the total value of shares traded, with an amount of 107.91 thousand shares, executed through 6 deals.

Yesterday the shares of 9 companies were traded, the shares of 5 companies decreased, while the rest of the companies maintained their previous closing prices.