Electricity outage in South Africa for a week

South Africa's state-owned Eskom Electric said today it will cut power for the whole week from 5am local time (0300 GMT) on Monday due to insufficient generation capacity and the inability to restock for emergency over the weekend.

The frequent power cuts imposed by Eskom have been a major obstacle to economic growth in Africa's most industrialized country.

Eskom said the power outage will continue until five in the morning on Saturday. The company added that a "major accident" occurred in Zambia on Saturday, affecting the electricity grid in South Africa.

Copper-rich Zambia experienced a nationwide blackout on Saturday, after an unspecified problem.

It is reported that, the State Electricity Corporation of Zambia said that the power was cut off throughout the country, for an unknown reason, and added that it was working to solve the problem.

A spokesman for the state-owned Zsco electricity company, John Kunda, said: "The power was cut across the country due to a failure, the cause of which is not yet clear, and the company is working on restarting the main electricity sources and stabilizing the system."

And he expected the return of electricity within 6 to 8 hours, and Zambia witnessed a major blackout last month that affected most parts of the country after a failure in an important hydropower plant, according to what was published by "Sky News".