Nigerian President Muhammad Bukhari
Nigerian President Muhammad Bukhari

Nigeria is one of the ten most important countries in Africa, in that it is the highest in increasing salaries at the level of the African continent, and the Nigerian authorities have discovered that there are 50 thousand employees who receive high monthly salaries and do not have a presence on the ground, here are all the details through this article.

The Nigerian government has removed the names of 50,000 fake, salaried employees from the government's wages list. The employees whom the Nigerian government pays a monthly salary without having a real presence are known as "ghost employees".

Commenting on the move, the government spokesman said, in the city of Lagos, on Wednesday that the government would save about 610 million euros annually. The spokesman pointed out that these salaries were poured into dark channels, and that corruption cases existed in many government agencies.

According to the government spokesman, Garba Shiho, 11 people were arrested in connection with the case. It is known that corruption is widespread in Nigeria, which is located in West Africa, and Nigerian President Muhammad Bukhari, who was elected last year as president, declared a war against corruption in government institutions.

The government has previously argued that many of Nigeria's 36 states find it difficult to meet current salaries. But unions said when they launched strikes last year: There is a need for a wage review, because there has been no review in 7 years.

Nigeria ranked first among the richest countries on the continent of Africa, in terms of gross domestic product, according to recent figures released by the African Development Bank.

Nigeria's current gross domestic product is expected to reach $ 581 billion this year compared to $ 519 billion in 2016, thanks to the recent high oil prices.

South Africa came second, with the revolution created by South Africans this year exceeding $ 276 billion.