Qatar Stock Exchange revealed this morning that the inclusion of three new Qatari companies in the "Morgan Stanley" index for emerging markets (MSCI) Morgan Stanley in addition to the presence of twenty Qatari companies listed earlier in this index is a strong indication of the great confidence developed by investment institutions Global in listed country companies.

In a related context, that great and precious confidence contributed to all efforts aimed at the Qatari economy and led to intending the base of shareholders and improving the liquidity of Qatari stocks, especially in light of the measures and initiatives taken by the Qatari Stock Exchange in order to increase the attractiveness on the investment level in the Qatari stock market, even if we give For example, investor relations and the Qatari market maker are currently providing liquidity.

The Qatari Stock Exchange revealed to all investors, specialists and those interested in the field of investment inside Qatar that the result of the semi-annual review conducted by MSCI Morgan Stanley on all Qatari companies included in its index for all emerging markets that had previously been disclosed on May 12 this year will come into effect as of From May 29th.

MSCI Morgan Stanley revealed through its official website that the reclassification of companies with international indices and their entry and exit are among the factors that effectively affect the interest of international investors and portfolio managers in trading operations of all shares of these companies.

At the present time, when these companies enter indicators or raise their ranks, they have a very strong demand from investors.

Usually, the matter that emerges from outside companies and all those entering as a result of the periodic review process is very great activity on all stocks.

On the other hand, MSCI Morgan Stanley indicated that the entry and exit of companies on the Qatari Stock Exchange and their reclassification with international indicators are currently subject to several criteria, the most important of which are the permissible free trading rates for all investment operations and securities for foreigners, and the volume of trading on company shares And the size of the company's capital that can be invested and the liquidity of its shares and its turnover rates on monthly and annual basis.

Likewise, on the other hand, the audits that are currently being conducted by all issuers of these indicators are carried out on a semi-annual basis, which usually results in keeping the company in its position or reclassification or the exit of some companies and the entry of modern companies.

Currently, the Qatari companies included in the MSCI Morgan Stanley include Qatar National Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank, Al Rayan Bank, Qatar Industries, Qatar Electricity and Water Company, Commercial Bank, Mesaieed Petrochemical Company, Woqod, Qatar International Islamic Bank, Business Company, Qatar Insurance Company, Baladna Company, Barwa, Ooredoo and Gulf International Services, GWC, Medicare Group, Al Meera, Qatar Advantages, First Qatar Bank, Qatar Converting Industries Company, Qatar National Cement Industry Company, United Development Company, Vodafone Qatar and Qatar Aluminum Company.

These companies are divided into several sectors, namely, the financial services sector, industries and services, industrial materials, energy and other sectors.